What is a Whole 30?

I’ll tell you what it ISN’T – it isn’t cake, birthday or otherwise.

I have done two Whole 30′s and have thought about doing another one, when the time is right! I have written about them quite a bit and documented what I ate for 30 days (links above), so I get a lot of people who land on my blog looking for something Whole 30 related. WordPress often has what search terms were used to find my blog and what some people are searching for when searching “Whole 30 x” isn’t a Whole 30.

I see that yesterday someone searched for “Whole 30 birthday cake” and found my blog. Well, I hate to break it to you, but any sort of cake isn’t Whole 30. Paleo-the-ever-living-shit out of that cake; remove all the flour and sugar you want and replace with almond flour and honey and it still isn’t Whole 30. No, you cannot have Whole 30 pancakes. No you cannot have Whole 30 buns or bread. No you cannot have Whole 30 muffins.

If you want to do a Whole 30, do a Whole 30. Cut out all of the crap and eat food. Just. Eat. Food. Stop trying to “Paleo-fy” everything. If you can’t go 30 days without some form of cake then you can’t do a Whole 30. Just give up now.

Can a coach completely prevent injuries?

Yesterday sucked for me as a CrossFit coach, but not as bad as one of the athletes in one of the classes I was coaching.

Sylvia is, um, experienced? She has more experience at life than most of the folks at my box and we have a lot of folks who are in their 30′s and even a few more in their 40′s and Sylvia has more life experience than any of them. She is awesome. She is very athletic and has kept herself in great shape and has quite the engine. Her squat depth isn’t quite below parallel on a consistent basis and she has a tough time going overhead, but she does awfully freaking well considering all of her life experience.

In 14.3 (I think that was the deadlift/box jump WOD) Sylvia made it to the round of 185 and pulled 185 four times – that is a PR x4 for her. She told me yesterday morning that she had a bad sciatic nerve issue after giving birth and is always worried about her back. I know the feeling as I had a bad sciatic nerve issue, too, when I was much heavier. I shied away from deadlifts for years for fear of hurting my back. In my black book I have my first deadlift max as 185 and I have kept improving and now it stands at 365. My point is that Sylvia is a fighter and pushes herself.

On Monday’s our box likes to have “Max Effort Monday’s” in which typically body weight exercises or very light weight barbells are used for one minute intervals for max reps. The WOD typically lasts more than 30 minutes but half of that is built in rest as it is 1:1 work interval. Yesterday’s WOD had one minute of overhead squats, one minute rest, one minute strict situps, one minute rest, one minute hang power snatch, one minute rest, one minute double-unders, one minute rest – repeated four times. In the third round of hang snatches Sylvia dropped her 35 pound bar (no weight on the bar) and could barely move. Her back had locked up. Continue reading

14.5 was brutal

My initial ranking shortly after finishing 14.5 last night. My top 5 worst WODs of all time:

  1. Clovis: never cramped so bad in my life
  2. Burpee mile: the mile that never ended
  3. Hotshots19 x2: I did it back-to-back because another member couldn’t make it
  4. 14.5
  5. Murph

That’s right, 84 thrusters and burpees was worse than 2 miles of running and 100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 squats. I was in pain and almost threw up three times during 14.5. My calves started to cramp on the round of 15 (and I drank a lot of water…or so I thought) and on top of almost throwing up, rolling around on the floor for a few minutes when I was done, on my short walk to cool down my quads nearly cramped up and I almost fell over. I was in bad shape.

As long as I am ranking, here are my top 3 movements if you want to work your entire body (this was before 14.5 and remains in tact):

  1. Thrusters
  2. Burpees
  3. Turkish get-ups

Now that I have had sometime to digest, watch others and think about the WOD I think I just did it wrong. Continue reading

Starting a strength cycle

Starting Monday I am going to run two Smolov Jr cycles concurrently. The first cycle will be for my back squat and the second will be for my push press. I will squat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and press on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will take Sunday’s off during April. Will work out perfectly for Easter! (That is about the extent of my religious actions…)

I will not do many Metcons for the entire month of April, if any. Next week my wife is out of town and I will need to take care of the kids in the morning and get them to relatives to watch while I work and then pick them up at night on my way home. I won’t have much time for the gym so I will be using 24 Hour Fitness near my office.

On squat days I might mix in light front squats or overhead squats after Smolov and on press days I might mix in bench or some press variation after Smolov. In both cases the intensity will be light. I will do max rep or max weight exercises to train other areas like core and back. If I do deadlift work (I plan to once a week) it will be higher rep so it does not get really heavy.

This will be interesting to see if A. I gain some strength when I re-test late in April and B. if I lose any sort of “cardio” during the four week period. My hope is that the answers are “yes” and “no”. We’ll see.

I have already updated my Google doc with April work and will be creating my April WOD page next week.