2018 Regional Predictions

Time for my yearly – and almost always wrong – Regionals Predictions.

Week 1

East Regional

  • Men: Patrick Vellner, Alex Vigneault, Chase Smith, Austin Spencer and Christian Harris. I’m confident in Vellner and Vigneault for sure, fairly confident that Smith will qualify assuming no torn pec. Spencer and Harris are more a guess. I also like Hobart just because he comes from Mayhem and I think this has to be one of the first times (or at least it has been a long time) that he has attended Regionals as an individual.
  • Women: Katrin Davidsdottir, Kari Pearce, Carolyne Prevost, Chelsey Hughes and Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault. I would love to see Pearce beat Davidsdottir. I can’t put my finger on why I don’t like her, but I don’t.
  • Team: CrossFit New England, Reebok CrossFit One, CrossFit Milford and Pro1 Montreal are the only ones I know…so I’m picking them. How’s that for inside info?

Europe Regional

  • Men: Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson, Lukas Hogberg, Frederik Aegidius, Mitchell Adams and Adrian Mundwiler. BKG runs away with it.
  • Women: Sara Sigmundsdottir, Annie Thorisdottir, Kristin Holte, Thuridur Erla Helgadottir and Bjork Odinsdottir. This is going to be a FUN Regional to watch. Love Sara and Annie and hope they go back and forth.
  • Team: Going to be honest – I don’t know any of these teams.

South Regional

  • Men: Lots of the “big names” out of the South are going team, so this could be wide open. Rogelio (aka Roy) Gamboa, Sean Sweeney, Logan Collins, Mitch Spjut and Jared Enderton. Threw Enderton in there because I like to root local.
  • Women: Tennil Beuerlein, Colleen Fotsch, Camille LeBlanc Bazinet, Margaux Alvarez and Alexis Johnson. I am leaving out Shadburne and favoring the OPEX girls. This is going to be a really fun Regional to watch, too. The first weekend kicks off with two really good female competitions.
  • Team: Airrosti, CrossFit OMNIA, CrossFit Jaakarhu, #Teamdensity, Backcountry Black – rooting hard for the local teams. Would love to see Sanitas or Alpine make it too.

Week 2

Central Regional

  • Men: Mat Fraser (duh), Scott Panchik, Streat Hoerner, Nick Urankar and George Sterner. I wish Jacob Heppner was competing – I would pick him to go to the Games for sure. But he couldn’t get the HSPU standard in the Open which is ludicrous. Google or YouTube the Brooke Wells controversy and her HSPU. Its ridiculous. Heppner should be competing.
  • Women: Brooke Wells, Jessica Griffith, Jennifer Smith, Kelley Jackson and Kristi Eramo. Despite the controversy with Wells and her HSPU she is still super fit and wins this Regional.
  • Team: CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, OC3 Black, CrossFit Kilo, CrossFit Mayhem Independence and Koda CrossFit. Rooting hard for Kilo from my birthplace – Waterloo Iowa (or Cedar Falls, whatever, it’s all the same).

West Regional

  • Men: Brent Fikowski, Garret Fisher, Josh Bridges, Cody Anderson and Sam Kwant. Some big names left out – Ben Stoneberg, Cole Sager and Christian Lucero. This will be a really fun male Regional to watch. Maybe the best yet in terms of close competition.
  • Women: Chyna Cho, Alessandra Pichelli, Emily Abbott, Tia Wright and I’m hopeing Becca Voigt makes it back. Also rooting for Brooke Ence and Lindsay Valenzuela to have a good showing.
  • Team: Invictus X, CrossFit Fort Vancouver, Paradiso CrossFit Venice, Diablo, Invictus. I think Invictus X makes a run for the Affiliate Cup at the games. The Dancer’s are on that team and they are locked in and focused on winning.

Latin America Regional

  • I don’t recognize anyone’s name for men or women. I’ll move along…

Week 3

Atlantic Regional

  • Men: Travis Mayer, Noah Olsen, Ben Smith, Alex Smith and Aaron Hanna.
  • Women: Cassidy Lance-McWherter, Emily Bridgers, Whitney Gelin, Alison Scudds and Sarah Scholl.
  • Team: Um…..

Meridian Regional

  • Men: Lukas Esslinger, Rasmus Anderson, Phil Hesketh and Jason Smith.
  • Women: Jamie Greene, Lauren Fisher, Oddrun Eik Gylfadottir and Mia Akerlund.
  • Team: Ya, right…

Pacific Regional

  • Men: Zeke Grove, James Newbury, Khan Porter and Brandon Swan.
  • Women: Kara Saunders, Tia-Clair Toomey, Emma Wright, Madeline Sturt and Jessica Coughlan.
  • Team: Again, I don’t know any of them.

So, there you have it. Some really safe picks and some that come out of nowhere other than my hopes and reams. Use pencil….easily erased pencil.


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2018 CrossFit Games “super” teams

Here are the “super” teams I am aware of. If I missing any, please leave a comment!

  • Sheila Barden moved from Nebraska down to Texas to compete on a team with Travis Williams, Jordan Cook and Rachel Garibay.
  • Chelsea Grigsby, Jamie Hagiya, Andrew Kong and Ted Hwang are forming a team in California. Hagiya is a Games competitor in individual and I think the other are all multiple regional competitors.
  • I think Reebok ONE is competing again with Austin Malleolo and Spencer Hendel and ladies. But I’m not sure what the teams will be now that there are 4 per team.
  • I think the CrossFit Mayhem teams are:
    • Rich Froning, Matt Hewett, Lindy Barber and Tasia Percevecz for CrossFit Mayhem Freedom.
    • Darren Hunsucker, Angelo DiCicco, Elly Kabboord and Kristin Miller for CrossFit Mayhem Independence.
  • Invictus Teams: I’m sure there will be several, but Sam Dancer plans on going teams in 2018. If he and his wife, Jenn, are on a team that would have to be considered a super team. They are in San Diego and training full time in preparation for qualifying for the Games in 2018. More to come out of that camp for sure.

What other teams are out there looking to compete for the title in 2018? I’m looking for teams with former Games athletes on them. Especially if athletes are relocating their lives to compete on a team at the Games.

A lesson in mis-direction

This video caught my eye. Not because he eats only one meal a day, but because I was wondering how in the world he gets enough fuel from only one meal a day to not only leave him satisfied for the other 23 and a half hours of the day (assuming he eats so much it takes him 30 minutes to do the actual consuming).

I mean, the dude is huge. He says he weighs 220 pounds in the video and by most calculations he would need at least 3,000 calories a day to maintain. Assuming he works out 3-5 times a week. By the looks of him I am guessing that is guessing low.

Let’s just say he need 3,000 calories a day to maintain weight and energy. How big is that one meal he eats?!

Here’s the video:
(Skip under it and I can sum it up if you don’t want to watch the 20+ minutes.)

Here is what he makes:

  • Only the tips of two big handfuls of asparagus – let’s say 2 cups worth to overestimate. About 52 calories according to myfitnesspal.
  • About 5 or 6 jalapenos. Maybe 30 calories on the high end according to MFP.
  • A handful of green onion. 10 calories.
  • A large bunch of kale. No way is it 20 calories, but we’ll say that.
  • And then maybe 6 cups or so of brussel sprouts. 250 calories?

He doesn’t put any sort of oil or butter on the very large pile of green veggies and roasts them with some seasoning.

The volume of food is almost daunting, but it is only 350-400 calories of food. He then says he will eat probably half today and the other half tomorrow. That’s 200 calories so far.

He also makes a protein shake to go with the lump of vegetables. In the shake he adds:

  • 1 and a half scoops of his plant based protein. According to their website 1 scoop is 30 calories. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and give him 50 calories.
  • 2 more supplements that I gather were maybe 100 calories worth.
  • Then the big hitter, 2 big scoops of “natural” Skippy peanut butter. He goes on and on about how healthy eating once a day is, how important veggies are for this and that reason, but the biggest caloric item he is eating is made of sugar. For this “natural” peanut butter the second ingredient is sugar. He should go with Adam’s instead and skip the sugar. Anyway, two heaping spoonfuls of the PB is probably close to 400 calories. He isn’t measuring by any means and they are big spoonfuls. Maybe 500 calories.
  • Finally he adds maybe 3 cups of coconut milk. Looks to be the original and not unsweetened kind (again, more sugar) so that is about 240 calories, on the high side.

His shake is about 900 calories (of which is mostly sugar). So much for not drinking your calories to help you feel full…

All in all he is eating about 1200 calories in this one meal for the day.

In the beginning of the video he talks about being dizzy and light headed at the end of his workout – he eats his one meal after his workout. He seems to blow it off…maybe it is because he is starving himself.

The premise of the video is that eating 1 meal a day is healthy and will help you lose weight. He has lost nearly 20 pounds eating only once a day!

I bet I could eat 7 times a day and lose weight by only eating 1200 calories in a day.


That’s why he is losing weight. I wonder how long he has been doing this once a day thing at the time he recorded this video. I wonder how much his performance in the gym has slipped. He says he doesn’t care about losing muscle, which will obviously happen eating so little, but I would have to believe that when he is unable to actually workout for any length of time because he just tires so quickly he will re-evaluate his diet choice.

He  will either need to eat more – a LOT more – at that one sitting or add meals. I also wonder if he wasn’t taking some kind of pre-workout and not considering that eating.

For example, does he ONLY drink water the rest of the day. No other consumption of any sort of food or drug? If he drinks OJ, for example, that is eating and not truly fasting (or eating 1 meal a day).

It’s a very misleading video. I don’t think there is any question you will lose weight if you workout several times a week and only eat 1200 calories a day. But is it the RIGHT way to do it?

Depends on the person and their goals. I can assure you not everyone will look like he does eating that way.

CrossFit Games Team rule changes

There was a major change to the team format for the upcoming 2018 CrossFit Games season: teams now consist of 4 members, not 6.

Before I dive into a little “LOL” on this update, I want to rehash what I am sure I have posted on here before – there needs to be 2 different team divisions. There needs to be a “super team” division and a traditional, home grown division.

The super team division would allow for gyms to recruit from other locations to make a super team. Think Dynamix 2 seasons ago, or CrossFit Mayhem bringing in Lindy Barber and more recently Tasia Percevecz – who was or is moving from the North East where she has competed the past few years to Tennessee to be on Mayhem. Same rules apply today to these teams. This means that the team needs to train primarily at the same gym for 4 or 5 months (or whatever the current minimum is) to be on the team. You couldn’t bring in athletes from other locations for a few weeks here or there during the CrossFit Games season and make a team – there would need to be steady, consistent training together for a short period of time (6 months or less).

The other division would allow for teams like CrossFit Fort Vancouver to keep doing what they are doing – breeding incredible athletes. This division would require teams to use athletes who have lived in the area and trained at that gym for years – 2 minimum – to be on the team. Teams like CrossFit Omnia here in Colorado, or Back Country CrossFit who have teams with athletes who live here and workout at those gyms. They do not have athletes who have relocated their lives solely to be on a CrossFit team. This division would embody the spirit of the original intent of this division – find the fittest gym.

The super team division would be more like a professional league – the NFL. The traditional division (needs a much better name) would be like the NCAA.

Now for the LOL.

Mayhem had posted a picture in the middle of last week on Instagram revealing who is going to take Kristin Reffett’s spot on their team:

Percevecz is no stranger to high level CrossFit competition. She has competed in the Open in the North East region from 2013-2017 and finished first in New Hampshire in ’15 and ’16. She made it to Regionals in both ’15 and ’16 and qualified for the Games in ’16 where she finished 15th. She was a trainer at CrossFit Free in Salem New Hampshire.

I looked through her Instagram and apparently she got really sick around the time of 17.5 and couldn’t or didn’t complete that WOD so she didn’t enter a score, thus not qualifying for Regionals this year.

Anyway, Mayhem recruits an athlete to fill out their team of 6 and then Dave Castro drops the bomb after the CrossFit Invitational this weekend that teams will now consist of 4 athletes, not 6.


I hope Tasia didn’t sell her house in New Hampshire already. That sounds really dick’ish, and isn’t meant to be, I really hope she didn’t uplift her whole life only to find out she probably doesn’t have a team.

What happens next for Mayhem? Maybe they could make 2 teams? Tough decisions are coming. I would assume Froning and Hewett are the two males with Lindy and Elly to make their #1 team. But Hunsucker and now Percevecz could pair up and try to qualify for Regionals and possibly the Games as a second team out of Mayhem.

It will be really interesting to watch some of these gyms who already had multiple teams qualify for Regionals (Invictus, for example) compete. Should make it more competitive just because finding 2 really strong athletes is easier than 3 – for each gender.

Always mixing it up, CrossFit. I like it!


Mayhem likes my idea (of course it was my idea and they read it). Looks like they might go with 2 teams:

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🤔 What do you think?

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