This website will be designed to motivate individuals to work out and work out properly. No more shrugging your shoulders while doing curls. Why are you holding onto that treadmill? LET GO! And if you are going to do a squat, please get past a 90 degree bend in your legs, weight on your heals, feet slightly angled outward.

T-shirts will be available for sale, videos of gym failure posted and pictures of myself and my weight loss progress. I have lost weight by watching what I eat and working out – hard. If you are going to go to the gym, do it right and don’t be lazy. I am looking at the muscle heads who insist on leaving 100lbs of weight on a bench: RACK IT! Your mom doesn’t work at the gym and no one cares how much you bench. When you are done with a machine leave it ready to go for the next user.

We will also have a positive side to the site, not all negativity and sarcasm. We are actually a positive bunch and hopefully my story and t-shirts will help motivate people to get in shape and do it the right way.