WOD – 10.31.2012

If you have been following my WODs this week today we finish off our shoulders and maybe they don’t work the rest of the week…

20 arm swings or pull overs if you have PVC
20 inch worms
20 sit ups
20 air squats

I’ll do this at a 24 hour fitness and utilize their basketball court
Five RFT
100 foot bear crawl (back and forth across the end line one time [it’s 50ft one direction])
186 ft farmer carry #40 dumbbells (back and forth across the full length of the court)
20 lunges (10 each leg)
10 sit ups

Extra Credit
4 BW bench press EMOTM for 7 minutes

Lengthy stretching session, including your arms/shoulders

I did the WOD a lot faster than I expected which was a nice change for this week. None of the rounds took longer than 2:19 and I completed in 11:08. It was a fast one.

For the bench press I benched 205# and struggled on the sixth round and had to break up the set of four into a set of three and one extra. I couldn’t complete the seventh round within the minute time frame. I tried to break it into one rep x4 for the final round but couldn’t squeeze out the last one. I didn’t have a spotter and was afraid if I tried the fourth I wouldn’t get the weight off of my chest.


What inspires you to get better? To get healthier?

For me it started with my son. The desire to be able to run around with him for many years to come was my inspiration. I didn’t want to sit on the sideline and watch because I was too fat to keep up. That has since changed with the addition of my baby girl. Today I am driven to get healthier simply because I have finally shown myself that I can be thin(ner) than I have ever been.

Even though I am self driven now to continue to get healthier I see things from time to time that still inspire me. For some guys that might be a pretty girl. For some it might be a shirt or pair of pants they want to fit in. Some might be inspired by a friend or family member who recently lost weight. Sometimes it is a fleeting image that catches your eye and inspires.

Today at the gym there was a guy who was bigger. I can’t say how much he weighed but I am guessing that at one point in my life I was as big as he is. He was working with a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness and the trainer had him doing some sort of power clean – more like a ground to shoulders as form wasn’t really discussed – with a fairly light weight. The guy was repping them out pretty good and any of us who has tried to complete consecutive rounds of power cleans knows how tiring rep after rep of taking that weight from the floor to your shoulders can be.

I will never hate on anyone who is at the gym trying to get better. I wish I could have taken a video of him doing the work because while he wasn’t performing the best example of form he was still working. I cannot hate on anyone at the gym working up a sweat. It is those lazy people (not always visibly fat – one can be fat on the inside) that sit around on equipment waiting two, three or four minutes between sets. They never get their heart rate up and you can tell that the last rep they performed was just as easy as the first. What a waste of time. They probably tell their friends they went to the gym and “worked out” even though no work was being performed. They probably also use their gym time as an excuse to eat that donut at work even though they could have burned about as many calories sitting in front of the TV as they did “working out”.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, it happens. Continue reading

WOD – 10.30.2012

My first foray into the Bear Complex

Run 400m
20 double unders
10 hand stands

Bear complex: 5×7 of power clean to front squat to push press to back squat to push press and you CANNOT put the bar down during each round which consists of seven reps.

Sound confusing? It is. Here is a video to help.

The goal is to increase the load each round.

Row 2k

I think I was still feeling yesterday’s WOD because I tired quickly. I completed my first round at 65# without issue and second round at 95# wasn’t too bad either. 105# proved to be a bit difficult and then my final two rounds were each at 115# and I couldn’t complete either failing after five rounds each time.

Tomorrow we finish off our shoulders…

WOD – 12.29.2012

If you want a difficult workout just perform whatever it is Front Range CrossFit is doing for the day. There is a reason they are the only box to have a team compete in the CrossFit games every year since the team portion was introduced. After taking Saturday off and running today I am up for a tough one.

1000m row

Workup to a difficult squat clean and then do one heavy squat clean on the minute for five minutes

10-1 reps for time of:
toes to bar
box jumps, 24 ” box
squat cleans, 95 lbs

1000m row
Roll legs

My Results
I usually write these a few days in advance or at least the night before. As with everything in life: things change. That WOD was HARD!!! Either I underestimated how hard it was going to be or I was just sucking wind this morning.

First I added 10 inch worms and 10 hand stands to the warmup. For strength I got up to 185# for my squat clean and decided that TWO squat cleans EMOTM was better (at 155#). So I did that.

But then came the WOD. Holy s#!t!!! I took me 30:08 to complete and I was just gassed. I couldn’t do more than three cleans in a row and was utterly winded. I have to admit that I did a few power cleans (I think maybe five or six total) and counted them. Like on the round of four I went unbroken but did a power clean for my final clean. Oh, and I did 135# instead of 95#. When I got 185 for my strength I figured I couldn’t do nearly half for the WOD so I did 135.

I did roll my legs but I wasn’t going near a rower after that WOD. I was spent. It was one of those WODs where you can feel the tiredness in your muscles in the shower. It is a toughy!

Whole30 – week #2

Two weeks down of the Whole 30 program. I really wish I could step on the scale. And I really want a cheat day! But I am staying strong and now am 100% confident I can make it through Halloween without any issues. I got this.

Week two, for me, was actually more difficult than week one. In week one the biggest issue I had was that I craved soda for the first three or four days, but in week two I continue to find myself wanting a cheat meal. I think I know why.

In the past two years I have lost about 90 pounds (crossing my fingers it might hit 100 pounds after these 30 days!). During this time I have had quite a few streaks of healthy eating. What consists of “healthy” has changed over those two years but I have done pretty well in that I haven’t had two or three days in a row of horrid eating in which my diet is blown to bits.

When I first started the biggest challenge was writing down what I ate and soon after I started Weight Watchers they changed their program so that fruits and vegetables were zero points. When that happened I began eating a lot of fruit – A LOT. The theory goes that you can’t get fat off of fruit and, heck, my grandpa is 90something years old and he eats a lot of fruit – and vegetables. Now I have cut out a lot of those fruit servings (from probably three or four servings a day on average to one or two a day) and am eating a lot more vegetables. Continue reading