A personal favorite of mine: poor squat form

Now for a personal love (err, hate) of mine at the gym: poor squat form. More times then not it is a guy or gal who has too much weight on the bar and doesn’t get anywhere close to parallel at the bottom of their squat, much less past their knees (which I love since I embrace the CrossFit life style). The only thing more painful is when people let their knees travel well out in front of their feet (weight on their toes) because I have to believe they will blow out their knee (or knees) one day with such poor form.

This first video is of a guy who is afraid to go down, and not just on his women.

I really like when people use those bars to catch the weight if they can’t get up, but then never get close enough to use them anyway…or set them entirely too high (next video). If you want to get out of a back squat your best bet is to let go of the weight and let it fall behind you while you just simply stand up. You don’t need bars to catch it. In any case this guy is obviously afraid to go too low because he thinks he won’t be able to stand back up. If that is the case, lighten your load until you can do a good, full rep.

And finally we have this guy who I see at the gym nearly every day and I could load this page up with videos of him and his poor form.

Oh, man, he is going to hurt himself someday. Those knees…that range of motion…and worst of all how high he has his fail bars set; won’t even give him a CHANCE to reach a good, low squat position. At least he appears to have the bar racked nicely in the front position.

First off all the weight is on his toes which promotes his knees traveling ahead of his feet. This is bad. He needs to sit back on his heels and try to stick his butt out when squatting, much safer. Front squats are not easy because the weight is on the front so he should really try to perfect his form with little to no weight before continuing because his form is so bad. That should be corrected before we worry about range of motion. As I have said, I have seen him many times and his form all around stinks. I am not sure he can get into a good, low squat position.

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