Me and my change

For those of you who are bigger and think it cannot be done without a strict diet or some sort of drastic surgery I am here to tell you that it CAN be done. You do not need some reality TV show or someone to put a freaking rubber band on your stomach; you need dedication and commitment. You need to put yourself first and find time to go to the gym. Trust the process (diet and exercise) and stick with it. You will gain weight but in the long run you will lose more than you gain. There will be weeks when you question why you are cutting food you *think* you love out of your diet, but in the end what really makes you happy is being healthy, not some crap food.

This is me in October, 2009:

October 2010:

September 2011:

October 2012:

A few things:

  1. Notice the length in terms of years. This is NOT a quick process. It took me 33 years to put on all of this weight and I am not going to take it off in 2 months! 10 months at some ranch with unrealistic real lift circumstances of diet+exercise isn’t going to change my life forever. No. What will change my life forever? ME changing my life forever.
  2. In the first and last picture is my biggest source of inspiration and parents need to hear this: when you are at the gym you aren’t spending time AWAY from your kids, you are EARNING MORE TIME with your kids in the long run. In that first picture, if that Travis was still here, there is no way I could spend time with CJ running around the house, playground or in the near future baseball fields. The new Travis can. The new Travis will inspire his kids to be healthy, live a long life and enjoy that life.
  3. I am not done. Never will I be done. I want to lose at least another 10 pounds. The first week I weighed in at Weight Watchers I weight 279 pounds and when I weighed in week 2? 282. That’s right, I gained my first week. I haven’t looked back. I weighed 204 the other day. On the Whole 30 program I am not supposed to weigh myself for the full 30 days but I am hopeful that when these 30 days are over I will be under 200 pounds for the first time in…ever? I have no idea when I weighed this little last, nor when was the last time I weighed under 200. Maybe middle school? Who knows. And when I reach my goal of 190 I will not go back to eating unhealthy. Sure, I might have a cheat meal once every two weeks or more but I will not go back to an unhealthy diet. I will not quit working out. I enjoy being able to walk 18 holes of golf and not feel like I need a wheelchair to get to the parking lot. I don’t want to feel that way ever again.

Sign up for a gym. Get a trainer and ELEVATE your heart rate. Don’t settle for three sets of 10, ask to be pushed harder. If you are severely overweight start by just walking, leave the weights alone. The biggest need is to strengthen your heart and just moving is a great start. Do it. Now. Today. Don’t wait until “Monday”. Just do it. It’s worth it.

3 comments on “Me and my change

  1. lisa says:

    so proud of you! you can thank me for whole 30 later 😉

  2. […] Just about two years ago I started my journey to lose weight. I decided it was time and I had to get healthier so I could keep up with my son (read more here). […]

  3. TactiFit says:

    Awesome job man! Inspiring to read and witness at all your progress

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