What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit? There is the standard definition of “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity”, but that over simplifies it, to me.

In my mind CrossFit is a community that not only supports each other but also supports the community to which it is part of. CrossFit is definitely varied movements performed at high intensity levels, but CrossFit also cares about its community and cares about the community to which it is a part of. The people you see in videos, those ripped up, shredded men and women are part of the community but there are also those who aren’t in such great shape but are trying to get into shape. Some of this might be intimidating for some but once you get involved you quickly realize how supportive everyone is – from the fittest to the least fit.

CrossFit also cares about nutrition and understands that to be truly healthy that nutrition is the base to which health is obtained. A strong exercise routine is nice but if you do not provide your body with healthy, quality foods your workout will be lost, at least part of it. I once heard that to get in really good shape 90% of you work needs to be in the kitchen while the remaining 10% is in the gym. This is true.

I think this video does a good job showing what CrossFit is about.

Many know all about the theatre shootings here in Aurora, Colorado a few months ago and CrossFit Verve in Denver hosted a fund raising event to help the victims. Through this event $2,500 was raised for the victims. And some sweat was left behind.

Notice the amazing work by the lady with her arm in a sling! Wow.

CrossFit hosts events like this all the time. From Barbells for Boobs to impromptu WODs to help Celena Hollis and her family here in Denver.

CrossFit is more than just some kick-your-ass exercise it is also building a stronger community.


If you are curious what the WOD was that day at CrossFit Verve, here it is:

Seven rounds for time:

12 Thrusters, 75# (55#)
9 Toes-to-bar
200m run, 20# medicine ball

And a picture of the white board after some results were posted: took me nearly 30 minutes (third from the top)


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