WOD – 10.22.2012

I am NOT a certified CrossFit coach nor do I even look like one. I do have a sister who likes to do the same workouts I do so I figure posting what I do here might help others…might not.

I am still trying to master handstand pushups, double unders and a few other CrossFit exercises so you might see some of my workouts heavy in those areas as I try to get better. I also go to CrossFit LoDo once a week or so (love their punch card option) and my WOD might be exactly theirs. They are awesome and I highly recommend them.

My WOD (Workout of the Day) for October 22nd, 2012:

500 meter row
About 2 minutes on a foam roller rolling out my back as it was a bit stiff
10 snatch balance with a 45lb bar followed by 10 handstands
10 snatch balance (65#) followed by 10 handstands

Gave myself about 5 minutes to workup to a heavy thruster and stalled at 185#
Then did 3 thrusters on the minute for five minutes at 135#

A lotta Tabata of:
Dips (I don’t have rings at my gym so I used a dip station)
Air Squats
(A “Tabata” is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 4 minutes. This workout has 4 consecutive Tabata’s with no break between each. After the last 10 second breakof doing pushups [which should read minute 4 on your clock] you are now doing situps)
I scored 324 which is 49 better than the same workout from May.

Warm down
I like to get on the rower for 1000m for warm down most days but today I needed to get to work by 7:30 and was running late, so I just quickly stretched my legs before hitting the showers.


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