Trainer failing miserably at correcting form: ball slam

The trainers at 24 Hour Fitness are hit and miss. Let’s face it; their clients have some say in how hard they can push their clients, too. The trainers walk a fine line: get results but don’t make it “suck” in your clients eyes so they continue to buy sessions. I am pretty sure that most of the folks I see utilizing trainers at 24 Hour Fitness would not renew if they tried to follow me around the gym as I did my CrossFit workouts. It would simply be too tough and many of those clients don’t have the desire to actually get better. They would rather do 10 reps of light curls three times and then lay on the ground and half ass situps then actually sweat and get better.

With that being said: if a trainer sees their client with horrific form they should try and correct and not let that horrid form continue.

Enter this video:

I can’t hate on the lady doing the work here, she is doing what her trainer is telling her to do. The trainer is supposed to understand the basics of an exercise and help coach their client to good form to obtain the most benefit possible.

No, the heap of negativity for this post falls flat on that trainer who is standing there doing nothing.

The lady isn’t hardly using her legs at all and from what I can tell all she is doing is dropping the ball and then picking it up at the detriment to her back. She needs to actually slam the ball, thus the name of the exercise and catch it on it’s initial rebound and bring it back up, over her head, rapidly and then slam again.

Here is proper technique.

The difference is amazing, right? In fact the lady in my video was not even doing the “ugly” versions presented in the video showing good technique.

I wish there was something I could say or do to help in a situation like this but how could one even begin to cross into that traffic jam? I just have to sit back and hope someday someone shows her the proper form and technique.

The thought behind the exercise was sound and good work: 10 “ball slams” at 8lb, then 12, then 16 and finally 20. But the full effect was certainly not obtained.

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