Delusional about your own weight

Is this healthy? No, it is not.

There have been quite a few studies or surveys lately in which participants were asked if they thought they were overweight or obese and if they thought their kids were overweight or obese. A large portion of those who were asked seriously underestimated how overweight themselves or their kids really were.

This study in 2010 pegged the number of overweight people that think they are not overweight at 30%.

This study is particularly scary considering what parents are doing to their kids – unknowingly!

I think there is a trend that some overweight individuals are starting to rebel. For quite sometime the “perfect woman” has been a super model who is super thin. That is mostly unattainable and being that thin is not healthy, either. Not for one second do I think every woman should look like a super model, I would rather they look strong and healthy. However, I am seeing a lot more posts on Facebook, articles on the internet or segments on talk shows from flat out obese woman saying they are fine with their health and “to hell with society” – or something along those lines. That is being delusional.

If someone is 10 or 20 lbs overweight, fine, we are human, but when you start to get 30, 40, 50 or more pounds overweight you are putting your health at serious risk.

I know about viewing oneself as being smaller than you really are. This post today was spawned by a moment I had at the gym this morning when looking at myself in the mirror.

Years ago (I don’t know, two years ago? Seven? 12?) I would see guys in the locker room at the gym who were in good shape walking to/from the showers with towels around their waste. The towels were overlapped and tucked in so it wouldn’t fall to the ground. I would see that and wonder if they had a larger towel that allowed for all the excess for the overlap and tuck? The towels I had hardly fit around my body much less have enough overlap to tuck in and stay!

Now I didn’t think I was in great shape or as small as the guys in great shape, but I didn’t think I was that far off, either. I realized they were not as round as I was, but I did think they were that much less round than I. How could they get their towels to stay tucked in? How could they have that much overlap? They must have bigger towels!

Um, ya, call it dumb or call it delusional. I think it was a bit of both and if was surveyed I probably would have fallen in that 30% mentioned above. I knew I was overweight, but not that much, or so I thought.

As I was standing in the mirror this morning brushing my teeth at the gym I realized that the towel almost went around my body 1.5 times. I had plenty of overlap, almost too much, and more than enough to tuck in so the towel stayed tight and didn’t even think of slipping off. Same towel I have used for years.

Ya, I was fat and seriously unhealthy.

Sometimes it’s the little things that give someone like myself – someone who has spent all of their adult life overweight but has now lost a bunch of that weight – a serious sense of gratification.

Click for full version.

We as a society need to look at what we are eating. Why have obesity rates increased so drastically in the last 20 years (check out the animated map about half way down this page!)? I think it is because of what we are eating. Not so much lack of exercise (but that is definitely a factor) but we are eating so much junk!

Take a step back, take a realistic look at yourself in the mirror and what do you see? Do you see yourself as fit or slightly overweight? Now step on the scale and what does that say? While I don’t totally agree with the BMI chart it does give you a good idea if you are overweight or not. Take a look to the right and where do you fall? Do you need to do something?

If you need to start losing weight, do it today, not tomorrow. Don’t wait until after the holiday season, start today. I know, I started my weight loss just before Thanksgiving in 2010. It is worth it. And if you have kids it is worth it for them, too.

3 comments on “Delusional about your own weight

  1. traviseses says:

    And, yes, I am not within healthy range – YET – according to that BMI chart. I am awfully close.

  2. wartica says:

    For me , it took many years to realize that my problem with my weight all came down to denial ; hopefully , more people will start to get it and wake up and get healthy :))

  3. […] wrote something similar to this before (here). There is definitely a trend or movement in the United States by fat people that say “screw […]

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