Whole30 – week #2

Two weeks down of the Whole 30 program. I really wish I could step on the scale. And I really want a cheat day! But I am staying strong and now am 100% confident I can make it through Halloween without any issues. I got this.

Week two, for me, was actually more difficult than week one. In week one the biggest issue I had was that I craved soda for the first three or four days, but in week two I continue to find myself wanting a cheat meal. I think I know why.

In the past two years I have lost about 90 pounds (crossing my fingers it might hit 100 pounds after these 30 days!). During this time I have had quite a few streaks of healthy eating. What consists of “healthy” has changed over those two years but I have done pretty well in that I haven’t had two or three days in a row of horrid eating in which my diet is blown to bits.

When I first started the biggest challenge was writing down what I ate and soon after I started Weight Watchers they changed their program so that fruits and vegetables were zero points. When that happened I began eating a lot of fruit – A LOT. The theory goes that you can’t get fat off of fruit and, heck, my grandpa is 90something years old and he eats a lot of fruit – and vegetables. Now I have cut out a lot of those fruit servings (from probably three or four servings a day on average to one or two a day) and am eating a lot more vegetables.

There have been numerous streaks during these past two years in which I would eat really good for four, five, six or 10 days and then treat myself. The treat was usually something like getting rice at Chipotle or maybe a tortilla. Maybe I would go to Subway and instead of a turkey sub I might get something like a buffalo chicken with kettle chips. Sometimes I would just get a breakfast burrito with cheese. Little cheats, nothing big. Sure, once a month or every other month I might go big and get something like Chubby’s cheese fries or something totally off diet, but for the most part I do pretty well for myself.

Now here I sit, two solid weeks of no cheats. I survived my sons Fall Festival on Saturday in which candy, cookies, cupcakes, nachos and all sorts of horrible foods were available. I have survived work and a day in which there was a Mexican food potluck. My buddy just left for Antarctica for four months and he wanted to go to Chubby’s and I declined. Two weeks and no cheats and my body is telling me I deserve one. I deserve to have a beer! I want a beer so bad! Just one!

But I’ll hold strong. I’m completing this now. There is no way I am doing this for two weeks and then breaking.

I have learned one thing; you need to plan ahead. When I say plan ahead I am talking for the entire week. Plan ahead for the entire week! I spent about three hours this afternoon/evening in the kitchen and at the grill trying to prepare enough food that will last me until next weekend. And I took pics! Also included are pictures of some of the meals I ate this week.

Can’t wait for the week. I got one of those chicken patties in my lunch bag right now and ready to take to work tomorrow.

Week 3 is next! Two more to go and, yes, I must admit I already have happy hour planned for the 16th – the day after my Whole 30 is over. A Hazed and Infused is calling me.

One comment on “Whole30 – week #2

  1. […] I don’t have many food pictures this week, but here are three from this last week in which I ate those patties I made last weekend. […]

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