WOD – 12.29.2012

If you want a difficult workout just perform whatever it is Front Range CrossFit is doing for the day. There is a reason they are the only box to have a team compete in the CrossFit games every year since the team portion was introduced. After taking Saturday off and running today I am up for a tough one.

1000m row

Workup to a difficult squat clean and then do one heavy squat clean on the minute for five minutes

10-1 reps for time of:
toes to bar
box jumps, 24 ” box
squat cleans, 95 lbs

1000m row
Roll legs

My Results
I usually write these a few days in advance or at least the night before. As with everything in life: things change. That WOD was HARD!!! Either I underestimated how hard it was going to be or I was just sucking wind this morning.

First I added 10 inch worms and 10 hand stands to the warmup. For strength I got up to 185# for my squat clean and decided that TWO squat cleans EMOTM was better (at 155#). So I did that.

But then came the WOD. Holy s#!t!!! I took me 30:08 to complete and I was just gassed. I couldn’t do more than three cleans in a row and was utterly winded. I have to admit that I did a few power cleans (I think maybe five or six total) and counted them. Like on the round of four I went unbroken but did a power clean for my final clean. Oh, and I did 135# instead of 95#. When I got 185 for my strength I figured I couldn’t do nearly half for the WOD so I did 135.

I did roll my legs but I wasn’t going near a rower after that WOD. I was spent. It was one of those WODs where you can feel the tiredness in your muscles in the shower. It is a toughy!

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