What inspires you to get better? To get healthier?

For me it started with my son. The desire to be able to run around with him for many years to come was my inspiration. I didn’t want to sit on the sideline and watch because I was too fat to keep up. That has since changed with the addition of my baby girl. Today I am driven to get healthier simply because I have finally shown myself that I can be thin(ner) than I have ever been.

Even though I am self driven now to continue to get healthier I see things from time to time that still inspire me. For some guys that might be a pretty girl. For some it might be a shirt or pair of pants they want to fit in. Some might be inspired by a friend or family member who recently lost weight. Sometimes it is a fleeting image that catches your eye and inspires.

Today at the gym there was a guy who was bigger. I can’t say how much he weighed but I am guessing that at one point in my life I was as big as he is. He was working with a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness and the trainer had him doing some sort of power clean – more like a ground to shoulders as form wasn’t really discussed – with a fairly light weight. The guy was repping them out pretty good and any of us who has tried to complete consecutive rounds of power cleans knows how tiring rep after rep of taking that weight from the floor to your shoulders can be.

I will never hate on anyone who is at the gym trying to get better. I wish I could have taken a video of him doing the work because while he wasn’t performing the best example of form he was still working. I cannot hate on anyone at the gym working up a sweat. It is those lazy people (not always visibly fat – one can be fat on the inside) that sit around on equipment waiting two, three or four minutes between sets. They never get their heart rate up and you can tell that the last rep they performed was just as easy as the first. What a waste of time. They probably tell their friends they went to the gym and “worked out” even though no work was being performed. They probably also use their gym time as an excuse to eat that donut at work even though they could have burned about as many calories sitting in front of the TV as they did “working out”.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, it happens.

I was involved in my workout while this bigger guy was doing the ground to shoulders work (the WOD will be published later today) and I lost track of him after that. However, when I made my way to the area in which I like to stretch when I am done working out he was with the trainer, visibly tired  and a trash can was between his legs. Did he throw up!?! If so, WELL DONE! WAY TO WORK! We only get better through hard work. If it was easy everyone would be in good shape.

This inspired me.

This used to be me. I must admit I have never thrown up for a workout. When I get that feeling, and I have had it plenty of times before, I let off of the gas. I hate to throw up as much as I like to workout. Seeing someone like myself from years ago trying to get better was inspiring! I felt like getting up off of my mat from stretching and doing more work.

Keep your eyes open as you walk through life not only to see what a beautiful world it is we live in but for those little bits of inspiration to keep your drive going. Whatever you can use to keep yourself striving to get better.

What inspires you? Leave a comment and let us know.

2 comments on “Inspiration

  1. wartica says:

    I agree ; if you’re not injured, sick, or can’t walk, then get up and burn :))

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