Whole 30 – week 3

By now I should have kicked a few addictions, but I don’t think I have.

  • Soda: I still find myself wanting a soda, though not quite as often. This will be one of the biggest challenges when I am done with this Whole 30 cycle: not going back to drinking soda so much. I am going to give it my best effort to only drink one or two soda’s per week. If I can do that I think that will be a success as before this Whole 30 cycle I was probably literally averaging 50 ounces of soda a day. It was all diet soda, but still, that’s a lot of fake food.
  • Beer: I really want a beer at dinner. I don’t drink much. I maybe average two beers a week, but I took my kids to dinner with my dad on Saturday night and I just glanced at the drink list and wanted a beer pretty bad. This will definitely be one of those “cheats” I will allow myself after this Whole 30 is over. In fact, I have a happy hour planned for the 16th which is the day after this cycle is complete. Some might call me a beer snob but I really, really love a good beer. I don’t drink for volume, I drink for pleasure and the taste of a good IPA or stout.
  • Bread: I don’t really miss it, much. Going back to dinner on Saturday we picked an Italian place to eat and the bread they brought before dinner really made me hungry and want some. In fact, I think my mind saw it and I immediately got a LOT more hungry than I was when I arrived. They talk about this in It Starts with Food; how some foods make you think you are hungry when you really are not. Then the other morning I made my usual eggs for breakfast but this time I tried to make the eggs such that I could break the yolk on my plate and it worked, but I really wanted bread to wipe my plate with when I was done. In all, I don’t miss it and it will be one thing I will continue to avoid after this cycle.
  • Candy: I did surprisingly well handing out candy on Halloween. My hands started to smell like chocolate but when I was done I just washed my hands and had some trail mix as my “candy” for the night. More on trail mix in a bit.

Those are some of the addictions I am still fighting and will probably always fight. If figure if I eat Whole 30 approved most everyday, most every meal than I am way ahead of where I was. I certainly don’t plan on going back to eating crap when this cycle is over, but I will allow myself the occasional beer and soda.

The trail mix I made this week

Trail mix

I think this has become a crutch for me and has replaced a few things. Trail mix has replaced my craving for granola bars and it has replaced my craving for some variation of crackers which I used to eat, often, late at night before I went to bed. Sure trail mix is better than both of those but I am guessing if I asked the Hartwigs (the authors of It Starts with Food) they would recommend veggies of some sort instead of trail mix, especially to curb that late night craving I have from time to time. The good news is that those late night hungers have went from a nightly occurrence to maybe once or twice a week.

I find I like to cook a lot more since starting this Whole 30 cycle and that includes building my own trail mix. I find it fun to read the labels at a place like Sprouts or Whole Foods where they sell the nuts and dried fruit for items that do not include sugar and then make my own trail mix. I got a bit carried away this past weekend when I bought raw almonds and walnuts, roasted cashews, dried cherries and golden raisins for my mix. All of it is sugar free but I bought so much of each item I have enough trail mix to last myself and my wife at least two weeks, maybe three. Oh well, it doesn’t go bad and it is good. I also add some coconut flakes to the trail mix to liven it up a little bit.

Along those same lines I volunteered to make the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving this year. Anything I can do to rid the table of marshmallows, right? My mom always makes the usual sweet potatoes with marshmallows and usually not too many people eat them anyway.

I found this recipe on Paleo Effect and made it today. It is amazing. Probably not the most Whole 30 food out there but there isn’t any sugar and it is all real food. For your Whole 30 you are supposed to avoid making dishes like this as they kind of circumvent the point of the program, but what was I to do? Make it without a dry run first?! Please. 😉

I don’t have many food pictures this week, but here are three from this last week in which I ate those patties I made last weekend.

This is about as Whole 30 as you can get. This was my lunch one day this week. That is a whole cucumber, tomato and avocado sliced and eaten raw with a little salt and pepper. The meat is one of the pork patties I made.

Two of the beef patties with jalapeno in them along side tomato and sweet potato fries.

By far my biggest meal of the week. I ate this for lunch on Saturday. In the morning I had the eggs I described above (with the yolk) and wasn’t entirely full. That morning I did the boot camp class described in this WOD post and made the big mistake of not eating after the workout. I took the kids to Sprouts to do some shopping and when it was all said and done I didn’t eat until after noon. That was five hours after breakfast and a workout and all I had to eat was a Kit’s Organic Cliff Bar (check those ingredients!). I was starving. I made sweet potato and red pepper fries and at my last beef patty and last pork patty with home made guac on top. Needless to say my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I was stuffed after.

21 days down and nine to go. By next Thursday this Whole 30 will be complete. I have already decided that I will do another one starting on January 1st after the holidays and it will end on my birthday, January 30th.

Still trying to decide what I want to do for my birthday WOD…the burpee mile???


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