WOD – 11.05.2012

With the change in time yesterday I thought it would be easy for me to get up and head down to CrossFit LoDo for my 5:30am class. It was as I was awake by 4:15…Going to take a while to get used to the time change, I guess.

With that being said today’s WOD is straight from LoDo.

4 minutes of rowing
2 minutes of walking lunges
1 minute of double-unders
Then 2 rounds of
5 ring dips
10 GHD situps
5 handstand kickups

20 minute AMRAP of
5 ring hand stand pushups (needless to say I can’t do these and since I am still working on a regular handstand I substituted handstand work for these)
10 overhead walking lunges (I used 95# but was supposed to be 60% of BW)
15 ball slams (I used 40#)

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 of split jerk at 95% of 1 RM.

Nothing, I needed to get cleaned up and into work.

The AMRAP I completed 6 + 13
Strength: Since I did the WOD first I was only able to do 135#-185#-185#-185#- F195#- 2×135#-2×135#

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