Squat and lunge form so bad the guy says “ow”

I could spend days at the squat rack at the gym and capture enough videos to make my phone explode but this post includes some horrid lunges, too.

This elder gentleman was alternating squats with lunges. From watching him struggle and listening to him grunt and grown I think he was going heavy on the squats and trying to keep his cardio up with the lunges along with extra leg burn.

I applaud him for the idea and the workout, but he needed some work on his form to get the full effect. As always, lighten up the weight to complete a full rep as that is much better than going too heavy with poor form and possibly hurting yourself.

Here is his squat:

Watch closely; the first thing this guy does is move his knees forward on the way down. That’s bad and a sure fire way to hurt yourself. The first move should be to stick you butt back and squat down. Forget that he isn’t getting anywhere near parallel much less past parallel he is going to hurt himself – and he does.

He does have great initial set up, feet slightly wider than shoulder width and his feet pointed outwards at about a 30-45 degree angle but then he really just goes to s#!t when he starts the squat movement.

Here are his lunges:

Awful, just plain awful. His knees don’t come anywhere near the ground or at least a 45 degree angle and somehow he even manages to take such a short stride and sway so far forward that his knees are traveling past his feet! Ouch! This guy is asking to pop his knee cap.

He continued on doing this for three rounds, I think. During his last set of lunges he said “ow” at least four or five times. His knees had to be hurting. He probably thinks he is old and that is just what happens but if he would perform the exercises with proper form he wouldn’t have the knee issues.

At what point am I allowed to step in with folks like this and give them unsolicited advice?


One comment on “Squat and lunge form so bad the guy says “ow”

  1. […] about it isn’t the range of motion you should be concerned with, it is the form. I have proof here of a guy saying “ow” at the end of his lifts due to his poor form and he didn’t even get close to parellel, much […]

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