Final days of my Whole 30 and a paleo birthday party

I can see the finish line! I have today, tomorrow and Wednesday and my Whole 30 is over, but my life is not so I will NOT just jump into a pile of sugar on Thursday.

I will drink some beer on Friday, though!

When I first started this Whole 30 cycle I figured I would “deprive” myself of a few things I loved for 30 days and then when it is over ration them back into my diet. I think  I have changed my mind.

  • Cereal: I used to eat a bowl of cereal maybe 3-4 times a week and sometimes as my late night meal/snack/whatever you want to call it around 7:30 or 8pm. If you have read It Starts with Food you know how to conquer those late night cravings. If you haven’t read it – why not?! When I first started this Whole 30 cycle I figured when it was over I would go back to having cereal but maybe once a week, or maybe twice. I have changed my mind. As one of the items I thought I couldn’t live without (I used to always say I could eat cereal for every meal every day) I found I can live without it. No more cereal for me going forward, not ever.
  • Soda, Diet Soda (said like Bond, James Bond): As recently as last week I was trying to figure out what I would rather drink when I am done with this cycle; diet soda or Naked juice. One is caloric free (diet soda) and one is made with all natural ingredients (Naked juice). Everyone who knows anything, or at least those who I view to know everything, say to never drink calories. If that is the case then diet soda is the better choice. However, if there is anything more fake that diet soda and made with unreal foods then, please, show it to me. If you are looking for real then you have to choose the Naked juice. My dilemma as recently as last week was this: I was planning on having some sort of “treat” drink once or twice a week after this is over (I can only drink so much water before I need something else). After posting on the ISWF Facebook site and their forum asking which is the lesser of two evils I think I have found my decision: Naked juice. But hold on! I am not saying I am going to drink it all the time, but occasionally, when I need something other than water, I am going with juice. That means no more soda for me, ever. As a guy who used to put down 50 ounces of soda a day, easily, this is quite the jump.
  • Bread: How do you pack lunch without bread?! How can you go out to eat without bread?! I can’t have toast in the morning?! All thoughts that traveled through my spacious brain before starting my Whole 30. Now, I don’t miss it one bit. I don’t need sandwiches for lunch. Toast is a waste of time in the morning and I definitely don’t need those large rolls that restaurants claim to be buns. Finally, I laugh at the commercials that toot their own horn because their food has whole grains in them. I have actually seen commercials in which Lucky Charms are said to be more healthy because they have whole grains. What a joke. No more bread for me.
  • Dairy: This goes back to the cereal bullet above as that is when I am most likely to drink or eat dairy. Before I started the Whole 30 I didn’t each much dairy. I skipped cheese on most everything and never ate sour cream. Ahhh, but then there is yogurt and particularly fro-yo. I was eating yogurt often for post-workout snacks because of the protein but I don’t need that any longer. I didn’t eat much ice cream before this cycle but I do love me some fro-yo. This will be one of the items that will be really interesting to reintroduce into my diet. We eat fro-yo once a week, maybe, but probably more likely twice a month. I don’t pile in a bunch of yogurt into a cup but about half of the cup of the smallest size available. This will be a treat I continue to allow myself and probably the only dairy I allow myself going forward.
  • Beer: I can’t give up beer. I am not a heavy drinker; I average 2-3 beers a week, but I do really, really enjoy a good beer with dinner from time to time and will continue to have one, occasionally, after my Whole 30 is over. As the Hartwigs say: I know what I am doing and why I am doing it and willing to accept the consequences.

Those are the items I could potentially miss. Legumes don’t bother me and I feel pretty good about my diet as it stands today and feel good about being able to keep it up going forward. It will most likely be closer to paleo than Whole 30 but I am pretty certain I will complete multiple Whole 30 cycles in a calendar year.

I am extremely anxious to step on the scales on Thursday morning. My clothes are definitely fitting loser and I even bought a shirt yesterday in large size and it is way too big for me. For a guy who used to buy XXL and some brands the XXL was too small to be able to put on a large and have it be too big is once heck of a good feeling!

The Paleo Birthday Party

This past Saturday my gorgeous baby girl turned 1. The inspiration for me to get healthy is 1 year old already! I need to stay healthy because walking her down the isle someday isn’t my goal; my goal is to be there when HER kids walk down the isle!

1st birthday’s include cake, sugar, beer, soda, sugar, cake and more sugar, right? We decided to mix it up and just provide a bunch of appetizers and let folks fill up on a variety of healthy foods. Here is what my wife made for the party:

She also made baba ganoush and we had smores for the kiddos, too.

Some of the people who are a bit skeptical of our diet were pleasantly surprised but a few were also still hungry when the night was over. Can’t win them all…

I had a few friends really intrigued with the diet and wanted to know more about it. I think between the realization that good food is definitely possible while eating like this and my physical transformation had a few wanting to know more. Whether or not anyone will follow through with it is yet to be seen but taking hold and embracing something like this, with the way most of us were raised, is quite challenging.

I will keep plugging away and trying to spread the good word.

4 comments on “Final days of my Whole 30 and a paleo birthday party

  1. withlovedeidrelee says:

    Congrats on being so close to the end of Whole 30!!! Can’t wait to hear the results of the scale, but the way you look and feel are definitely more important. Way to go!

  2. Check out the Paleo diet that I have been making use of for the past several months. Their webpage is: I’m a forty-two year old male and started at 290 lbs. and following thirty days I’d lost around fifty lbs ., and I now weigh about 175 and holding. This diet really does work since it mimics the natural diet our ancestors ate which lived ailment free. It is also referred to as the caveman diet.

  3. my music says:

    Not what I was expecting but superb anyway! Congrats!

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