WOD – 11.14.2012

Yesterday I missed out on CrossFit because I wanted to swim so today I doubled it up, at the expense of my second WOD. The WOD’s I did both came from CrossFit LoDo; today’s WOD and yesterday’s.

Thanks to Eastside CrossFit for the pic

400m row
10 overhead squats with PVC
10 pullovers with PVC
10 inchworms
10 dumbbell snatch (light)
10 hip extensions

In class we focused on, briefly, snatch balance and hang snatch with either a bar or PVC.

Strength #1
EMOTM for 7 rounds of 1 snatch at 90% of 1RM

WOD #1
30 snatches (75#)
200m row

WOD #2/Strength #2
CrossFit total (max back squat + max strict press + max deadlift)

Are you kidding? I was spent

I did my 7 rounds of snatch at 135#. I definitely have a mental barrier in getting more than that…

The first WOD I completed in 6:42 and I was GASSED! We went in 2 heats due to the number of folks in class and I was determined to beat some of the guys who started 2 minutes ahead of me – and I did. I plowed through about 20 snatches to start and was stormed through that first row, but the second set of 30 snatches was tough. I smoked the rowing again and I could feel my throat burning when I was done. It was nasty, almost tasted like blood…They talk about hitting a red line and needing to stop once that line is hit or passed, but since I was so focused on beating the guys who got a 2 minute head start I plowed past my red line a few times during the second set of snatches. That’s a good thing – it leads to improvement and I think that is what I have to thank for my throat (which feels fine now).

CrossFit Total: you are supposed to do this when totally fresh so you can max out but I wanted to see if I had improved. I did this on September 5th as it was the CrossFit.com WOD that day. It took me a bit to get going after that first WOD and I knew I could beat my old total of 600 (205# back squat, 160# strict press, 235# deadlidt) even if I was a bit gassed already. I was able to get 225# in my back squat and had to dump 235# when I attempted that weight. I didn’t get to 160# on the press because my chest was beat after 60 power snatches: 155# on the press. Deadlift I was able to pull 255# and my most recent max is 265# but I couldn’t get that much weight today, I was done. Still, I improved my CrossFit total by 35# in just over 2 months and that was after a fast WOD and snatch work. I’ll take it!

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