Top CrossFit “studios” in Denver

Let’s get this out of the way: any story or ranking of CrossFit BOXES that calls them STUDIOS must immediately be taken with a grain of salt.

Earlier this month the Channel 4 news website here in Denver ranked their top CrossFit “studios” in Denver.

When I first looked at this article it listed CrossFit LoHi as opposed to Denver, which also takes away from the credibility of this article as LoHi has been closed since, like, April or May, I think. It has now been corrected and changed to CrossFit LoDo.

Either way it is awesome to see LoDo getting love! I love LoDo and love the coaches and I think they are well deserved of being mentioned as a top CrossFit studio box in Denver.

I think this is probably a pretty good list. Verve is obviously a top box based on the performance of their owner Matt Chan finishing second this year in the CrossFit games and their comp team is also really good. I think the article really missed out by not including Front Range CrossFit. As a newbie to the community I might overstate FRCF’s importance to not only CrossFit in this area but its importance in the grand scheme of CF development but it seems to me that without FRCF CrossFit in Denver is not where it is today. Did you know that FRCF is the only CF box in the country to have their team at the games five times? (I hope I have that stat right, I just know they have been to more CF Games than any other team.) They also swept the podium at the Regionals in the Female Open Division and they appeal to all age groups as Scott Olson, a FRCF member, won the Masters 60+ division this year. It doesn’t stop with their athletes, they also run the Colorado Open and have a very well respected and well attended Olympic Weight Lifting competition yearly. They are instrumental in keeping the CrossFit community in Colorado strong.

Needless to say FRCF should be on the list.

There are a bunch of good boxes in Colorado and Channel 4 obviously cannot mention them all, but I think CrossFit South Aurora has a really strong membership and family feel at their gym, MBS CrossFit is huge and been around for a long time with serious competitors, and CrossFit Unbroken has a strong following and some very strong members.

Go LoDo!


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