WOD – 11.20.2012

Josh was the coach today and he is great. Awesome at rooting on and focusing on form.

800m row (I ran 400m instead)
10 squats
10 front squats (with PVC)
10 overhead squats
10 pushups

20 wall balls
200m run
10 weighted pullups

1 min KB halos (alternating 1 each direction)
1 min deep squat hold
1 min KB halos
1 min deep squat hold

Tempo back squats (read LoDo’s website for description)
Tempe ring dips

To think that just a few months ago I was still doing assisted pullups. I recall doing Angie maybe 4 or 5 months ago and using assisted pullups and today I did weighted pullups with a 30# dumbbell slung around me with a band. I used a 25# ball for the wall balls and completed the WOD in 15:14. I was able to do all the wall balls unbroken and was able to do 4-5 pullups unbroken at the start of each set, too.

For dessert I used a 1.5 pood KB and am familiar with this exercise because I used to do it a lot at the gym with a 45# plate. The squat holds were tough.

For strength I used 95# – 115# – 135# – 135# for the squats and didn’t do the tempo stuff for the ring dips, just did regular ring dips. I can do dips but when I do them on the rings it adds that extra bit of wobbly-ness that makes it tough so I just did 3×7.


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