WOD – 11.21.2012

Last day at LoDo. I am joining CrossFit Crush next month. Today we went out with a long AMRAP and then some deficit deadlifts.

Strict press with PVC
Kip swings
Burpees (only a masochist programs 45 burpess for a warmup!)

18 min AMRAP of:
5 Jerks
15 pushups
10 knees to bar (yes, KNEES to bar)

5×5 of deficit deadlifts with a four second count to the bottom, two second count to the knees then explode to the hips
5×5 of negative tempo bench press. Same as the deadlifts, 4 seconds down, 2 second hold at the bottom, explode back up

The prescribed weight for the jerks at 155# and I used that weight. I completed 6 rounds and 19 reps into my 7th for a score of 6.19. I went unbroken on all of my jerks except that final round I couldn’t quite get that 5th jerk overhead so I had to drop the weight, rest, re-clean it and jerk it once more (that doesn’t sound dirty, does it?). If it wasn’t for that I am guessing I could have gotten at least half way through the final set of knees to bar.

I used 135# for both the deficit deadlifts and the bench press. The deficit, tempo based, deadlifts were completely new to me – and difficult. The bench press is something I have done many times at the gym before CrossFit so that was fairly easy.

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