WOD – 11.26.2012

Another hotel, this time in Durango (2 nights). This “fitness center” is worse than the last one, so I took my workout outside.

Short jog to get the blood moving in the freezing, dark morning air
2 minutes of jumping jacks
Brief work on running form (see video, great for warming up the hammys)

Part 1
100 lunges (50 per leg)
Suicides in the parking lot. I picked out 3 vehicles and used those as my lines for suicides. I’m guessing that to the last of the 3 cars was about 1.5 the length of a basketball court (where I usually run these). I ran 4 suicides with a 30 second break in between.
Time to go back inside

Death by situps and pushups: When you start the clock do two situps, when the clock reads 1 minute do 4 situps, when it reads 2 minutes do 6 situps, etc. You continue to do this until you cannot complete the number of situps. For example; I made it to the 9 minute mark and did 20 situps but could not do complete 22 situps between the 10-11 minute mark. When this happens you attempt to complete your last successful mark each minute on the minute. So for my work this morning I tried to complete 20 situps each minute until the clock read 15 minutes…at which time you switch to pushups and repeat.

Mine looked like this:
0 min: 2 situps
1 min: 4 situps
2 min: 6 situps
9 min: 20 situps
10 min: fail 22 situps
11 min: attempt 20 situps
12 min: attempt 20 situps
13 min: attempt 20 situps
14 min: attempt 20 situps
15 min: 2 pushups
16 min: 4 pushups
25 min: 22 pushups
26 min: failed 24 pushups
26 min: attempt 22 pushups
27 min: attempt 22 pushups
28 min: attempt 22 pushups
29 min: attempt 22 pushups

One comment on “WOD – 11.26.2012

  1. […] use the exercise rooms at the hotel to get my lift on. I did this the first few days (WOD 1 and WOD 2 out of the hotel) but then my wife suggested I look for CrossFit boxes on our trip and she […]

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