I ate McDonald’s…

Quite a while ago I decided I wouldn’t ever eat anywhere which I could order my food and get my food without leaving my car. It’s just not a good idea. But sometimes circumstances dictate where we eat and we cannot eat where we would like to. Or eat what we would like to.

At home everything is easy. I can always plan ahead and know the “safe” restaurants that I can eat at. In my attempt to eat Paleo it has been a challenge, but has definitely gotten easier.

This week I knew I was going to be drinking beer, I made the choice and am fine with any consequences experienced due to my choices so I am having gluten…and lots of it. Otherwise I have tried my darndest to stay on track. I also knew that grass fed, pasture raised, cage free and other ideal meat options were not going to be options. Sure we will come across the occasional place that might offer these but for the sake of saving money and convenience (and keeping two small children happy on the road) the likelihood of finding them is rare.

For breakfast in the mornings at most hotels we had a free breakfast included. The first three days, spanning two hotels, I ate lots of scrambled eggs and quite a few hard boiled eggs they had available. I can safely assume that the scrambled eggs weren’t cage free and might not have even been real eggs. They could have been made from that liquid egg beater substitute crap or something similar. I am OK with that. A family of four cannot hunt down cage free eggs all the time or have the means to even cook those eggs if found. Along with the eggs I ate quite a bit of sausage and some fruit. Veggies weren’t available, but at least I didn’t eat the waffles, muffins, toast, pancakes and donuts that were also available. I also stayed clear of the yogurt.

There were dinners like Wednesday night where we ate fish and the place offered gluten free options, wild fish, sweet potato fries and other very friendly Paleo options. But then I ruined it with frozen yogurt. Again, it’s vacation and we have kids (and a wife) who love frozen treats. There were dinners like the one we had at a Breckenridge Brewery Ale House in which we had gluten free chicken wings and then a burger on lettuce with no bun and sweet potato chips for a side. Some meals I simply had a chef salad with egg, bacon and veggies with no cheese or dressing. My meals basically ranged from really good Paleo meals to meals that were darn close. …and a few treats here and there that were way off diet but those were choices I was prepared to make and knew I was going to make well ahead of time.

Then I had McDonald’s for lunch today. We were in between stops and as I was searching my phone for suitable places and it became more and more apparent that we didn’t have time to sit down and eat (where I can properly order my food and help keep it Paleo) because the kids were fading fast in the car and the most important thing was getting to Silverthorne so the kids could get out of the car. So we stopped at a McDonald’s and I had their chick club grilled without mayo.

I can feel it in my stomach. There is nothing further from real food than fast food. I’m not even positive it was chicken I ate. It might have been some synthesized, over processed, hormone pumped super bird that was raised without a beak.

As a parent sometimes you just cannot do what’s best for you. Sometimes it is because your stomach has been put on the back burner while you take care of your kids and sometimes it is simply because the kids aren’t going to want to eat where you want to eat. Or eat when you want to eat.

As a parent my kids come first. I know I need to put myself first and I do that quite often with my workout schedule and how we stock our pantry and fridge (which is really better for the kids even if they don’t want the stuff we buy sometimes). But sometimes I just need to do what I can to keep the kids happy and from crying. Nothing hurts more as a parent then seeing your kid cry.

So I had McDonald’s. I’m fine with that in this situation. It has to be the first time I had fast food of any sort in at least a four months or more. If I have McDonald’s or Wendy’s or some other crap three times a year that is drastically better then before I started losing weight and getting healthy. Tomorrow we head back home and we can hit the diet hard for a few weeks.

Another Whole 30 awaits for me starting January 1st.


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