WOD – 11.29.2012

Last day in Grand Junction and I visited CrossFit Junction. Off to Silverthorne today and back home tomorrow. Been a great trip.

3 minute jump rope
3×1 minute plank holds with weight on back
3×1 minute seated plate twist with same weight as used for planks

EMOTM hang squat snatch. Try to increase weight every 4 minutes.

8 minute paleo squat – first time doing this and it was rough. The idea is to make it easier to squat; a mobility drill. You sit with your knees together and feet straight out, no angle, and squat as low as possible. Chest up and we put our hands around a bar in case we needed a break (more like when I needed a break) you could hold onto the bar, otherwise you shouldn’t hold onto the bar. Sit like that for 8 minutes and when you stand up be sure to stand up slowly as your brain will need a minute to catch up with the blood rushing to it.

I have done other mobility drills to help squat form and to help open the hips. The drill I usually do is feet slightly wider than shoulder width and feet about 30 degrees out, then squat low. Take your elbows and place them inside your knees and put your hands together. Now push your elbows out forcing your knees wider and wider. Progressively push more and more. You will feel this in your hips mostly. Hold it for a good 3 to 4 minutes. Again, stand up SLOWLY.

One comment on “WOD – 11.29.2012

  1. […] we did a “Paleo Squat”. Something I never heard of and you can read more about it in my WOD post from that day. It was pretty painful and […]

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