WOD – 12.31.2012

95 of these mother f’ers today.

Decided to take 2012 out on a high note…working out wise…

Today was my last day at CrossFit South Aurora and also my first day at CrossFit Crush. I woke up at 4:45am ready to go so I went to the 6am CrossFit Crush class and then rested a bit, ate some cookies (LAST DAY BEFORE MY WHOLE 30!!) and then went to the 9am CrossFit South Aurora class. So my workout today went a little something like this…

Warmup #1
Leg swings x10
Hip swings x10
Toy soldiers

WOD #1
50 OHS for time

WOD #2
21-15-9 of
95# snatch
1.5 pood KB swing

Couch sits
hamstring stretches on the floor and on a box

Went to parents house and had a banana, Larabar and about 5 cookies. Like I said, Whole 30 starts tomorrow. Gonna have beer tonight, too! Continue reading

WOD – 12.29.2012

CFSA had their “12 days of Christmas” WOD today. I did the Parker CrossFit 12 days of Christmas last weekend. They both sucked.

1 power snatch 135/95
2 thrusters 135/95
3 handstand pushups
4 squat cleans 135/95
5 toes to bar
6 pistols
7 slam balls 40/25
8 pullups
9 box jumps
10 burpee deadlifts
11 wall balls
12 squat snatch

OOOFF! 49:35 of sweat and hell. But now I am ready to head to Fort Collins today to visit New Belgium, Odell’s and a few other breweries.

If you don’t know how this works it is just like the song. You do the power snatch, then thrusters and power snatch, then HSPU, thrusters and power snatch, then squat cleans, HSPU, thrusters and power snatch, etc, etc, until you get to 12 squat snatch, 11 wall balls, 10 burpee deadlifts, etc. It’s…uh…”fun”?

The burpee mile for charity

A few years ago a good workout, to me, consisted of isolating chest exercises in groups of three sets of 10 for about 45-60 minutes of total gym time. This usually consisted of four or five variations of chest exercises: flat bench, incline bench, dumbbells on a stabilizer ball, incline pushups, fly exercises, etc. I have evolved. No longer do I use any sort of “gym equipment” that you would find in droves at a Bally’s Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness; I am now my own machine. Body weight exercises or total body exercises with added resistance are king. Elevating my heart rate while utilizing added resistance has helped me trim down to a weight I never thought possible.

During this transformation I have also developed some sort of sick love affair with exceptionally brutal workouts. I tend to look forward to the ones I know will make me miserable but leave me with a huge sense of accomplishment when I complete them.

I have done “Murph” at least a few times (1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 run mile), I tackled “Clovis” (run 10 miles and do 150 burpee pullups) one day for the fun of it and now I want do tackle the burpee mile.

I should mention I also have a sick love for the burpee. I own a t-shirt that looks like a Facebook post and it says that “no one likes burpees”, or something to that effect, but really, I love them. Bar facing burpees, box jump burpees, burpee pullups or just plain burpees, whatever the variety I love to mix them into my work out. I have done the CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD at least six or seven times (as many burpees as possible in seven minutes) and also have done 100 burpees pullups for time at least twice. If there is a better total body workout that also exercises the most important muscle in your body – your heart- more effectively, please, let me know.

What better way to celebrate my 36th birthday then to do the burpee mile? That’s right, for my birthday this year I am going to do the burpee mile to “celebrate”. Continue reading