WOD – 12.31.2012

Decided to take 2012 out on a high note…working out wise… Today was my last day at CrossFit South Aurora and also my first day at CrossFit Crush. I woke up at 4:45am ready to go so I went to the 6am CrossFit Crush class and then rested a bit, ate some cookies (LAST DAYContinue reading “WOD – 12.31.2012”

The burpee mile for charity

A few years ago a good workout, to me, consisted of isolating chest exercises in groups of three sets of 10 for about 45-60 minutes of total gym time. This usually consisted of four or five variations of chest exercises: flat bench, incline bench, dumbbells on a stabilizer ball, incline pushups, fly exercises, etc. IContinue reading “The burpee mile for charity”