WOD – 12.02.2012

Mobility – roll out, pullovers and squat form work: keep the butt back, weight on the heels, chest up, knees out and hip crease below knee crease.

15 thrusters – 95#
15 bar facing burpees

3-3-3-3-3 weighted pullups

I did this same WOD in May and cut over 8 minutes off of my time from May…but this WOD is a freaking gasser. Why did I ever combine thrusters and burpees??

Each pullup needs to be strict and start from a dead hang. I did my sets of 3 at no weight, 10#, 20#, 30# and 40#. I kept going and did 2 at 45# and 1 at 50#. I’ll take that progress! I couldn’t barely do a pullup at the beginning of the summer.


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