Box Review: Strongpoint CrossFit

The old, smaller Strongpoint CrossFit

The old, smaller Strongpoint CrossFit

Strongpoint CrossFit was the third box I visited while in Jacksonville a few months ago and this review is a long time coming. As I look at their Facebook page I see they got an entirely new box since I visited in September and it is much bigger. This review almost seems pointless since they are in a new location so I will keep it short and sweet.

When I visited it was by far the smallest of the three boxes but that is not a bad thing. I kind of like small. I like dirty. I like small. I like a place where you go in, get your work done, get filthy, sweaty, etc and leave feeling good. The prettier the place the more it feels like a Globo Gym and the more I think people may get self conscious about themselves.

On the other hand I do recall that during the AMRAP we did the morning I was there I had to share a box with another guy for the box jump portion and that always gets tricky because it can potentially hurt your score/time if you have to wait for equipment. Looks like Strongpoint is just another example of CrossFit getting bigger and better.

523558_4130550295866_255531890_nThree things stick out at me about that morning:

  1. The “anchored spine” mobility drill was painful. Rolling on a roller along your spine can hurt!
  2. The AMRAP was brutal. I think it was the weight of the push press and the box jumps. As noted in my WOD post today; box jumps always gas me.
  3. The coach was my first coach who was clearly a product of the military system. I am pretty shocked he didn’t say “HUA!” when asking if we had any questions. But it was cool and he was a really nice guy.

The folks at the gym were pretty nice to me and had a wide range of experience and fitness. It was one of those mornings when it seemed like everyone was dragging and it took a while to get going but once the AMRAP started in that small area in the early Jacksonville humidity everyone got warmed up real quick.

It was a nice gym and the coach was great. Like I said I will keep it short and sweet since they have changed locations but based on the coach and the CrossFitters that morning I would recommend you give them a look if you live in the area or are visiting and want a good workout.


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