WOD – 12.03.2012

Today I joined CrossFit South Aurora. It is much closer to home than CrossFit LoDo and if I want to open my own box someday I need to keep experiencing different boxes and use ideas from each to make mine better.

At CFSA they don’t prescribe warmups. In my first day I am just trying to get into the swings of how they do things. Starting tomorrow morning I will be sure to get there a bit before the 5:15am class so I can row or something before getting a station set up for the WOD.

They are running through the 2011 Open WODs this week and today was:
15 min AMRAP of
9 deadlifts (155#)
12 pushups
15 box jumps (24″)

The “extra” as prescribed was
Part 1
5 muscle-ups
30 double unders
Part 2
5 front squats EMOTM for 10 min

I completed 7 rounds and 31 reps into the 8th round of the WOD. The box jumps really sucked the life out of me. The pushups were like taking a break. When I started my 7th round I was really hoping to complete it as there was about 2 minutes on the clock. I was 5 box jumps shy of completing that 8th round.

I worked on my muscle-ups but need to continue to work. I just can’t get myself into the dip position from a dead hang to complete. As for the front squats I did 5@135#, 5@135#, 5@145#, 5@145#, 5@145#, 5@155#, 4@155#, 4@155#, 3@155# and 3@155#. I know I can do better but I was gassed. I think it was lack of water and sleep (my baby girl woke up in the middle of the night and I had a hard time getting back to sleep.


One comment on “WOD – 12.03.2012

  1. […] AMRAP was brutal. I think it was the weight of the push press and the box jumps. As noted in my WOD post today; box jumps always gas […]

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