WOD – 12.04.2012

Second morning at CrossFit South Aurora and already starting to feel at home.

500m row
PVC pullovers
Squat hold – sit in a squat, knees out, feet shoulder width apart and push your knees out with your elbows. Hold for at least a minute and get up slowly
Burgerner warmup in preparation for the cleans in the WOD
Arm twists
A few samson stretch and runners pose to loosen the hips and thighs

20 min AMRAP of
5 cleans #145
10 toes to bar
15 wall balls

5×5 squat snatch

I was cruising in the WOD completing each of the first 4 rounds in less than two minutes but then I hit a wall. After the wall balls I was gassed and took too long to get back on the bar for the cleans. While I did the cleans unbroken I was taking too long to recover. Something isn’t right as I usually don’t have this problem but my first two days at CFSA I have. Maybe I am not pacing myself good enough but I am hitting that “red line” more often and it is hurting my overall results as I cannot keep a good pace. Also need to work on toes to bar and getting those in rhythm.

As for the squat snatch I wanted to work on form so I did all 5 sets at 95# and all were successful and pretty good form. The owner of CFSA suggests I work on sets of 10 to build up my snatch strength so I am going to start working on that.

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