WOD – 12.05.2012

500m row
PVC pullovers
Hip swings
Roll out
Burgener warmup

10 min AMRAP
15 snatch 75#
30 double unders

Wait exactly 5 minutes then…

5 min AMRAP
165# Squat Clean
165# Jerk
(Count them separately even though they are usually 1 rep)

4 rounds of
25 cal row
10 pullups
10 box jumps (24″)

I am sick. This explains why I felt slow yesterday and today it was worse. My throat was burning and my energy level is pretty low. What is really strange is that even though I didn’t move as fast as normal or work as hard I sweated like a fat guy in a jogging suit in a sauna. I don’t get sick often but my 2 kids have been sick for the past few weeks and I guess if you get coughed and sneezed on enough times you are bound to catch something. I just don’t understand why I sweated so much. Maybe that is good and it will help me get over the cold faster.

I didn’t really count my rounds in either the first WOD or the second. I just tried to keep moving. I suck at DU’s so I did mostly singles and did 3:1. I also didn’t feel like just slapping on 90# to my bar between WOD 1 and 2 and attempting a clean and jerk so I worked my way up with a few reps in the 5 min break and ended up with 155# on the bar as opposed to 165.

I have to say I am a bit concerned with how CrossFit South Aurora runs their classes. There is no prescribed warmup and I see a lot of people go into the WOD without working their way up to the prescribed weight. With cold muscles and joints going right into a heavy weight (although today’s wasn’t heavy for the snatch that isn’t always the case) it is a sure fire way to get hurt. Add in the fact that there isn’t any instruction on proper form before the WOD and I see a lot of really bad form during the WOD. One of the bigger guys had his knees traveling well past his feet during the squat cleans and another guy had his hands way too wide during the squat clean and it seriously impacted his ability to get the weight on his front rack and he couldn’t jerk the weight because he was in such a poor starting position for the jerk – elbows low, hands wide as opposed to hands in and elbows up.

When comparing CFSA to LoDo after only three days the first thing I feel is that I could easily just do this at 24 Hour Fitness by myself as opposed to paying the additional monthly cost. At LoDo there was instruction before the class and the coaches really pay attention during the WOD, giving help, motivating, assisting with weight if weight needs to be added/removed, etc. At CFSA I basically go in, warmup on my own, do the WOD they have written without any instruction or coachig and do the extra the same way. After the workouts the owner of CFSA has assisted me in a few things and I think he genuinely loves coaching 1:1, but there needs to be more attention paid to the athletes during the WOD.

I am in this for the entire month without question and maybe I will see differently as the month progresses. It is quite possible that the folks in the 5:15am class that I attend and those in the 6am that I watch as I am finishing my extra work have all been there a long time and don’t want the instruction. As a coach when you see the poor form you need to say something and it concerns me that no one says anything. It concerns me that people are jumping into a WOD at 5:30ish am without any instruction on how to warm up for the WOD.

I hope I see a real newbie join at some point this month. I would love to see if the coaches spend extra time with that person and make sure that they squat properly. Learning the proper technique of the squat is instrumental on development in CrossFit, much less if they give instruction on the clean or the snatch.


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