Would you look at the size of that squash!?

I don’t post too often about food because, frankly, I cook about as well as I ice skate and I don’t ice skate. But the other day the wife and I went to Boulder to the farmers market and found this spaghetti squash and it just blows my mind. I am sure there are bigger that are entered into competitions but this was by far the biggest one I had ever seen and used.

Here is a quick run down of some spaghetti I made on Sunday night using this squash.

If you have ever cut a squash you know how tough they can be. I am always worried about chopping off a finger and when I was trying to cut this mother in half I was extra worried. I came out with 10 digits and the squash was cooked, but holy hell was it tough to slice!


That baking dish is what I usually use to cook an entire squash. Both halves. I don’t think both halves of this monster are fitting into that dish. After I gutted out all of the seeds I placed the bigger of the two halves into the dish. When I was cutting it I wasn’t worried about equal portions. I was worried about somehow getting it into two pieces!


Here is another view of one of the halves in the dish. I put about a quarter cup of water into the dish and cook at 400 degrees for 40 minutes usually, but for one this size I cooked it for an extra five minutes.


While the squash was cooking I got out some meat to use for my sauce. This is spicy hot sausage from Sprouts that is grass fed, nitrate free, etc, etc. My wife bought a poop ton of it a few weeks ago and I used a few pieces for breakfast one morning and decided to cook up the rest on Sunday night and keep some for leftovers. With a squash that size and this much meat I have at least a few meals worth of food. Cooking ahead on Sunday has become a deal breaker for me: I need to do it. It helps packing lunches for the week so much easier.


I put all of the sausages into a large pot of water that had just started to boil. I let them cook in the water for about 15-20 minutes on a high heat. At the 15 minute mark I started to check them regularly to see if they looked like they were done as the water turned frothy.


One night the Mrs. and I went out for a date night while my parents watched the kids. After dinner we were going to head to a friends to watch GSP fight. We went to a fish place we had never been before off of University and Orchard. We haven’t been that part of town in a while and noticed a place called Two Mile Ranch Market across the street. Needless to say that after dinner we checked it out and about 30 minutes later left with four bags of groceries, including this spaghetti sauce. We wish they were located closer as the place was awesome. Great place for those who like natural food.


Check out those ingredients. Not much to the sauce and just the way I like it.


After the sausage was done boiling I wanted to get a crisp sear on the outside to add some texture so I put some olive oil into a pan, heated it on medium and then seared the sausage by letting it cook on both sides for five to six minutes. I poured the sauce into a sauce pan and let it sit until I was ready to heat it up.


As the sausage was done I took two pieces and cut them into chunks and put the chunks into the sauce and turned the burner on to just under a medium heat to heat up the sauce, stirring occasionally to ensure the sauce didn’t burn to the pan. It probably wouldn’t on a low heat but you never know.


I missed my opportunity to show me gutting the squash with a fork when I pulled it out of the oven, but I let it sit for about five minutes before I started to scrape out the meat. I wanted it to cool a bit because a squash that size, even with an oven mitt, would get awfully hot to the touch while I scraped out all the cooked goodness. Anyway, here is the final product ready to eat.


All in all the squash and sauce made three servings of spaghetti. The sauce was the limiting factor. My wife has used some of the leftover squash this week for a pesto pasta of sorts and I have taken more of the sausage for post workout eats and breakfast. We still have some of each leftover to help us get through the week. I am guessing that the squash will produce six servings of “spaghetti” and I had seven links of that sausage and two of those make a great meal so there are about three or four servings of sausage.

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