WOD – 12.07.2012

Rest day. I need it.

Tomorrow I am going down to CrossFit LoDo for their Emma Grace support WOD. From the LoDo website:

1. AMRAP “Grace+” Event SATURDAY the 8th at 9am at CrossFit LoDo! One of the reasons our gym is so special is the fact that we are so close.  Because we are so close, we have the opportunity to come together and all make a little difference which can turn into a BIG difference.  Caroline came to us with an idea that we wanted to share with you and hope that you would like to be a part of.  Emma Grace is a little girl who could use some help.  She has an inoperable brain tumor, and her mom was just informed that she is pregnant with her second child. Again, small things can make a BIG difference, so we wanted to do a WOD for her and raise a bit of money in the process, to help with medical bills and hopefully ease that burden.  On December 8th, instead of normal Treehouse, we are going to do a WOD with a minimum 5 dollar buy in.  Anything more than that will be up to you.  We hope that you consider attending, even if this is your first treehouse workout.  Programming might include a little “Grace…”

If you want to look at a website with a bit more information, reference https://www.facebook.com/emmagcurran?ref=ts&fref=ts or talk with Ryan or GA. Anything you can offer as far as help would be great you guys. Thank you so much!

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