Prepping breakfast for the week

I often cook up a bunch of meat on Sunday’s to prepare for the week ahead with lunches in mind, however; this past Sunday I decided instead of boiling eggs for the week I would make some egg “muffins” to eat during he week. Here is what I made, in pictures! Yay! (Can you feel my immense excitement??)


8 comments on “Prepping breakfast for the week

  1. explodyfull says:

    What an excellent idea!

  2. RunToInspire says:

    RAD- totally stealing this idea – thanks dude

  3. ginajeri says:

    I make these about every other week. They are a saving grace in the morning.

  4. traviseses says:

    They are light. I ate 6 of them this morning for breakfast and they were great, even cold.

  5. traviseses says:

    ….a nice change from hard boiled eggs

  6. Joe Davis says:

    Those look delicious. Any idea how many calories a muffin?

    • traviseses says:

      I dont count calories, but according to the intrawebs a large egg has 74 calories. I used 16 eggs and this made, to make the math easy, 24 muffins. So that means each muffin had about 2/3’s of one egg or about 50 calories each. The veggies are obviously caloric free and I didn’t put anything else in them.

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