WOD – 12.11.2012

PVC pullovers to stretch my chest and shoulders. Chest is stiff after yesterday.
Samson stretches using PVC
Kip swings
Work up to the 155# required for WOD #1
Deadlift heavier than 155#, but not real heavy, to warmup back and hammys

WOD #1
5 power cleans
10 toes 2 bar
15 box jumps

WOD #2
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

I am still a bit sick. Can still feel it in the back of my throat. I think I completed the first 3 rounds today in about 6 minutes and then hit a wall and it took me 17:41 to complete the entire first WOD. I was really taking a lot of time between each movement towards the end. I am not recovering as fast as I normally do.

After the first WOD I took quite a bit of time and wanted to go heavy on cleans but as I tried to do a few squat cleans I just wasn’t into it. My body was like “Hell no!” I did a few clean and jerks at light weight to work on form but then just decided to do WOD #2. I completed WOD #2 in 4:40, I think it was. I know it was less than 5 minutes but I think it might have been closer to 4:20. I don’t recall now.

I am seeing more totally green newbies come into the gym this week and am horrified at the initial load and coaching they receive. Today, in teaching someone who has never done a clean of any kind, they were tasked with doing about 55# of weight. The coaching focused mostly on the shrug and elbows and talked very little, if any, about utilizing a good hip drive. The emphasis was pulling up with the shrug as opposed to exploding and attempting to get under a weightless bar (due to explosive hips). The form was BRUTAL. There was no talk of the rack position and what it should look like so one of the newbies was taking the bar from the ground – very slowly – and muscling it into a “rack” position that more closely resembled the start of a jerk or push press. He never racked the weight once on his front rack.

What do I do in this situation? It makes me very skeptical of any sort of coaching I might receive at the new gym. I already paid for a month so I know I will complete a month, but that’s it. I can’t stand to watch the form that is coached, and, more importantly, the poor form that is displayed daily and not coached to correct! Half of the class can’t even squat appropriately and most don’t even get to parallel much less hips below knee crease. One girl was working on her clean today under the strict eye of the coach and she was completely devoid of using her hips. All the coaching consisted of was moving those elbows under the bar, which is nice, but not going to help gain weight on the bar.

In an ideal world I would have the guts or courage to offer up getting my L1 cert and running 2 different on-ramp classes for the gym, under the owners supervision to start, of course. Once I gain their trust all newbies must complete an on-ramp program.

I am just baffled that I haven’t seen anyone get hurt yet and it is only a matter of time. Forget that I see guys come in, on a very cold morning!, and put 155# on the bar and move it without ANY sort of warmup. I see women come in, set up their station and then literally sit down and wait for the WOD to start. No movement, no warmup, nothing. Just sit. After the WOD is over they leave. There is no warmup, no skill work, no coaching and the coaching I see is off.

I am not expert, not at all, but I have watched enough videos and attended quite the variety of CrossFit boxes to know the basics of how a class is led and how to prevent injury. This place seems to be doing the opposite.

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