WOD – 12.13.2012

The high volume WODs continue…

500m row
PVC pullovers
Toy soliders
Walking knee grabs
Runners pose
Sit in a deep squat and push outward on your knees with your elbows for 1 min

10 burpees
15 snatches
20 double unders

3×20 back squat

Oooo wee! That was a tough one. Took me 22 minutes to finish and that was with some single unders. I ripped a blister on my pinky. Yay. That is always fun. Especially in the shower after…

The best news of the day is that I linked 8 double unders together which is a new high for myself. Gotta always find the positives even if the WOD sucked. Bad. I was burning when I finally finished. These 5 and 6 round WODs at the new box are tough!

I used 95# for the back squat. I probably could have done more but even at 95# and after that WOD I struggled a bit with the final reps to get to 20 each time.


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