Box review: CrossFit WestCo

WestCo OutsideLast week I review CrossFit Durango and this week I review the first box I visited in Grand Junction: CrossFit WestCo.

Apparently fate loves CrossFit because when we pulled into town we had a few hours to spare before we could check into our hotel. We decided to go downtown and shop and find something to eat and as I pulled into the parking space my wife noticed a CrossFit just a few store fronts down from where I parked. I walked in and asked about getting a workout in the next morning and the owner, Kristin, was very pleasant and, as expected, she didn’t have an issue with me coming in and buying a t-shirt in trade for a workout (it’s pretty common in CrossFit to do this for drop-ins and I am getting a nice collection of cool CrossFit t-shirts).

When we sat down for lunch I Google’d CrossFit on my phone and saw that CrossFit Red was like a half of a mile from our hotel and thought about going there for my first WOD rather than WestCo. The other box in Grand Junction is CrossFit Junction and I have heard of them before (I think some LoDo’ers went there for a competition last year) so I was going to hit that box for sure. While Kristen was very nice the convenience of going to a box almost right around the corner would win.

I tried looking for the CrossFit Red website: no luck. Tried calling them when I got to the hotel: number disconnected. We even drove by where it was supposedly located: nothing. The CrossFit Affiliate Locator showed it active but didn’t show CrossFit WestCo. Same with Google. That night I finally went to the CrossFit WestCo website and got my answer: read here. In talking to the coach the following morning it sounded like the CrossFit Red folks weren’t the best business people as they were letting a lot of folks workout for free.

WestCo Inside 1Anyway, I am glad it worked out the way it did. David Weaver is the head coach at CrossFit WestCo and he is hilarious. During the warmup he had everyone laughing and I quickly realized why this was by far the biggest early AM class I had ever seen. There were at least 15 people there. Maybe 20. It was a really big 5am class.

We did “Annie” for the WOD and I could feel my abs for a few days after (mainly because my workout at CrossFit Junction the next morning would obliterate my already wounded abs with weighted planks). After the WOD we went outside and did max effort 40 yard dashes 10 times which added to the fun of the class. Everyone was having a good time trying to time when Weaver would call “GO!” to start the run, racing each other and just plain having fun. It was great.

It was so awesome that I almost went there again the next morning as opposed to going to Junction. If you live in the area you MUST give WestCo a try. Great people.

Weaver also showed how much he loves to coach as he gave me a pretty good coaching on muscle-ups. I am always curious how the coaches will interact with me when I drop-in. They could easily just give me little to no attention other than to make sure I don’t hurt myself or they could really invest some time and provide pointers or in David’s case, really spend some extra time with me on a movement that wasn’t even part of the class.

You can tell the box is new. There isn’t much on the walls and I think they are still trying to figure out how to sort their weights. There is a lot of floor space and I think they could put some of their weights along the walls and still have plenty of room. Even with a class as big as the one I attended there was plenty of room for everyone to perform “Annie”. Pay the looks no mind, they will get better and if all of the coaching is half as good as David, well, that is truly what matters.

Along with Bold City CrossFit in Jacksonville, CrossFit WestCo has been my favorite box to workout at to date.

WestCo inside 3

WestCo inside 2

7 comments on “Box review: CrossFit WestCo

  1. Claire Card says:

    This is such an awesome review to read: I am a WestCo member and this group of people has literally changed my life, physically and mentally. Kristen and Weaver (our coaches) are relentless in their efforts to provide exceptional training, nutritional guidance, and support. Kristen recently started a “Yogility” class on Thursday nights to help balance out the ravenous toll that Crossfit takes on our bodies. Thank you for visiting our box and come back anytime!

    • traviseses says:

      It is awesome. I think it demonstrates how important a good coach is. Sound knowledge of how to move and how to relay that information to athletes is very important…and then to add in humor at 5am?! BRILLIANT!!

      …I just wonder if I can somehow swing driving to Grand Junction and back everyday to WOD??

  2. blando88 says:

    I am super proud of the CF WestCo owners, coaches, members for what an awesome environment they provide for excellence and success. I consider them great friends and an extended family- so huge props for the article, guys! However, I would say that one statement is not only entirely inaccurate but insulting not only to the “current” owner of CrossFit Red (which still does promotional events and competitions -resource: Facebook) but to those that built their careers and fitness community foundation at CrossFit Red as well. CrossFit Red no longer has a gym location for reasons much different and more complex than “bad business practice” and your so called “freebie training” so not only check your sources but double check them when you make shit comments like that. This is what I would call “bad” journalism/ blogging/ review… I’ve seen people ruin their careers and hobbies as critics by saying such things in a tight community like CrossFit. So ill refrain from calling you an asshole with bad information because I don’t know you personally and I’ve yet to ask my more credible sources “what kind of asshole would add such trash to a positive review?” I will say however it sure would be nice if you got an apology out to the guy that started the first CrossFit on the western slope of colorado and helped build the community that now resides mostly at CF WestCo, but extends to all 4 Crossfits in the valley. Im sure he’s not looking for undo credit as all the Crossfits are now successful from their own strength and hard work, but the comment made in this article is beyond insulting. I’m sure with your excellent sources you know his name so feel free to look him up and shoot out an apology email. If you’re going to make a habit of adding shit remarks like that in your reviews, then you might need a critic to follow your posts as well. I’d be happy to volunteer.

    • traviseses says:

      This is a blog, not a news organization and far from any sort of credible news agency. Get your panties out of your ass. It was what I was told and I’ll leave it at that.

      • blando88 says:

        I don’t care if its a fucking note in your diary. If everyone gets to read it and its bull shit, then you’re writing is bullshit and so are you. Find a new hobby or ask your mom what the word character means.

  3. PB says:

    OK, well I am super excited for CF Westco as they deserve this stellar review. The owners, the coaches, the entire family there I consider friends and extended family in a way.

    I am disappointed however that such a great review decided to trash another affiliate, especially one that birthed the first Crossfit on the Western Slope, and also provided the foundation for most the CF coaches careers, and also was the starting point for the strongest fitness community in the valley. Crossfit Red was not closed for letting people train free, nor any other reason that doesn’t come straight from the previous owners mouth himself (1st hand- that’s called honest journalism resource btw). The website was very recently terminated along with the sale of the gym but the affiliate still remains active as a part of the community and does special events and competitions- sorry you had such shit sources to pull from.

    Needless to say such, such an insult deserves an apology and that might set it straight, but even more an important note to the writer….IF IT’S NOT NECESSARY TO SAY, IT’S NECESSARY NOT TO SAY… didn’t mama tell you this?

    Like this for instance…I’ll refrain from saying “the writer is an asshole and makes shit comments …or, look, this tool just ruined a perfectly good review…” because i don’t really know the writer, therefor it’s not necessary to say. So I won’t say it. I know his blog name is traviseses, but I don’t know him really at all. I won’t base all my judgement on him because he still has the opportunity to apologize.

    Such an insult is not only a blow to the “current” owner of Crossfit Red Affiliate, but to those that changed their lives there in their existing 4 years operation as a box. Don’t make the mistake of including bad taste to your reviews in the future and you will probably get more followers instead of creating friction in the community you say you love.

    • PB says:

      Well, thought I lost that last post during the submit because it disappeared…so I tried to rewrite it, now you got my feedback twice. Merry Xmas.

      And as far as your reply, I now feel comfortable calling you an asshole but you’re probably used to that. Thanks for making it easier to discredit you as true crossfit supporter. No one in their right mind would respond like that.

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