WOD – 12.18.2012

500m row
PVC work
Inch worms
Variations of runners pose with weighted twists
Kip swings
Burgener warmup
Squat hold

10 hang squat snatches
10 chest to bar
10 box jumps
10 burpees

Ring dips 3 rounds of max number of reps
Ring strict pullups 3 rounds of max number of reps
GHD situps, max number of reps

I thought this one would be easy but it took me longer than yesterday’s WOD. I completed in 21:41 using 95# for the snatches and a 24″ box jump. For me, anytime the Oly lift includes a squat it is a gasser and when coupled with box jumps and burpees…I shoulda known…

I really want a muscle up, bad, so I figured false grip pullups along with deep ring dips would be good to help build the muscles that I will need to complete a muscle up. I did about 8-10 ring dips each time and 4-6 pullups each time.

GHD work was just that; trying to get used to leaning backwards as far as I can and complete a situp.

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