WOD – 12.19.2012

What a pistol should look like. Notice the knee is not traveling past the toes.

Did a little bit of everything today. Felt good. One of those days when you just want to do everything.

500m row
Squat hold
20 lunges
Push press with just the bar
1-5 pushup inch worms (1st inch worm do 1 pushup at the bottom, 2nd do 2, etc)

Bear complex

EMOTM 3 squat cleans for 12 minutes

12 min AMRAP of:
10 push press
10 OHS
10 pistols

The bear complex I went 7 rounds at 75#, 7 rounds at 95#, 6 rounds at 95#, 4 rounds at 115#, 4 rounds at 115# and then 3 rounds at 135#.

For squat cleans I did 4 rounds at 135# and then the final 8 rounds at 155#.

I can’t do pistols without assistance from a bar so I completed 5 rounds and 7 push press reps in the 12 minutes using 95# for both the push press and OHS.

I had so much energy I almost felt like I could do more but needed to get back to home/work.

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