WOD – 12.20.2012

This is the stretch I know as a “couch sit”. Why it would be called that? I have no clue….sitting on a couch is much more comfortable.

I hate skipping a WOD because I am afraid or unable to perform the movements, but today I did. Today’s WOD at CFSA was 2 parts and the first part was “Diane”. “Diane” is 21-15-9 of 225# deadlift and handstand pushups. My deadlift is weak so doing 225 is not my max (my best 1RM is 265) but it is darn close. Doing 45 reps, total, at this weight would be very tough for me. And I can’t do handstand pushups. So I skipped. I still went to the box, but I didn’t do the WOD…This is what I did.

Squat hold x3
10 lunges
10 lunges with twist
20 second count couch sits for each leg
10 toy soldiers
10 walking knee grabs

Deadlift 225# for 4-5 reps about 6-7 times with breaks to perform handstands. I tried to hold the handstand for 5 seconds or more. Still a work in progress.

While the group did the prescribed WOD I did “Jackie”.
1000m row
50 thrusters @ 45#
30 pullups

WOD part 2
I cut Jackie in half
500m row
25 thrusters @ 45#
15 pullups

Tabata deficit pushups using 45# plates

I did Jackie in 1:21 faster than I did it in July and was gassed. I wrote down my time, got a drink of water, and then ran through part 2 which I did in less than 8 minutes, I think. I didn’t keep track of time for the second part as closely.

For the tabata pushups I started off with a goal of 10 pushups each round and after the second round I did 12 in the third. Big mistake. I started to gas out after that and my tabata score ended up with a pathetic 5. I thought I set the timer correctly for the tabata but I think the last tabata setting was more than 4 minutes…I think it was set for 10. I’m not positive but I think I did 5 min or more of tabata instead of the usual 4. I can feel my chest. It was good.


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