TV “experts” can be awfully aggrevating

This is something America should stop consuming immediately.

Today when I was getting ready for the day (…at 1pm I might add) I turned on the TV and The Doctors was on. I kept it on because they were talking about the “20 Health Choices You Need to Make Now” and I wondered, skeptically, of course, if they would mention gluten.

Shocker – they didn’t.

They did mention that you should stop – NOW – walking while drinking from a bottle. Apparently people often chip their teeth while walking and drinking out of a bottle. Outside of Las Vegas how often do you see people walking and drinking out of a bottle? This is something people must stop doing now for the sake of their health but they should continue eating gluten??

I did stumble across this video for eggs vs smoking. They sort of stymied the myth about eggs, but not really. Trying to be positive for them. Trying.

They are also really worried about using makeup from makeup counters at department stores because apparently there were traces of e-coli on some of the samples they tested due people not washing their hands after using the restroom. How often, at most, would a woman (presumably this applies mostly to the ladies…) use the samples at a makeup counter? Once a week? Maybe a serious shop-a-holic would use them once a day, on average? How often do these ladies eat gluten? While makeup samples MAY have e-coli I can guarantee that muffin the same ladies eat with their Starbucks has gluten in it.

I didn’t watch much more of the show because I can’t stand the crap but apparently, according to the web page I linked above, they talked about teen smoking. At least there is one thing worth talking about. But wouldn’t it make sense to just say smoking in general is something everyone should stop doing for the sake of their health? I know this is pretty obvious at this point, and I genuinely think anyone who smokes in this day in age is a real idiot – wouldn’t you have to be with what we know about smoking? – but if they are going to nail a subject like smoking shouldn’t they also hit on overcarbsumption (stolen word from Whole 9 Life)?

If you wanted to make some serious ratings on TV wouldn’t it behoove you to tell the world something completely out of nowhere (to most)? Throw your audience a serious curve ball? Put Robb Wolf or the Hartwigs on TV and let them give an hour show on why you shouldn’t eat grains and gluten. Just those two items could EASILY fill an hour block on TV.

We are in a serious health crisis in America with Medicare, Obamacare or whatever and the government isn’t motivated to do anything about it and “The Doctors” on TV are worried about people walking and drinking out of glass bottles at the same time…


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