WOD – 12.24.2012

Gotta earn some credit for that eggnog and cookies tonight!

500m row
Runners pose
Samson lunges
Squat bottom holds
Jumping squats
Kip swings
Slowly warmup to #135 barbell in preparation for snatches and power cleans

5 snatches
10 box jumps
5 power cleans
10 pistols

Extra #1
5 back squats
10 GHD situps

Extra #2
Push Press for strength

I felt good today! The fact that I power snatched 135# each round relatively easy, not unbroken, but relatively easy makes me think I can finally get my sub 10 minute Isabelle. The power cleans were nothing and I had to use a bar to assist my pistols…but those box jumps…they have gassed me out the last few weeks. I completed the WOD in 13:20.

I didn’t time the first extra and only used 135# for the back squat as I went 1RM on back squat yesterday but I flew through it relatively easy. The fact that this was so easy is why I kept going and did push presses.

I started off on a bar a girl left with 85# on it and pressed it 20 times. I added 30# and pressed it 12 times. Added another 20# and hit it 8 times. Another 20# and pressed it 5 times and finally another 20# to bring the total weight to 175# and pressed it 4 times.

At the end of it all I actually felt like I could keep going and thought about doing some KB swings but thought better of it and decided I should get home with the family.


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