WOD – 12.27.2012

Just when you think you got this CrossFit stuff figured out…

500m row
10 bottom hold squats
10 GHD
10 fast paced squats
10 GHD
10 jumping squats
10 GHD
10 kips
Work up to a heavy clean

10 RFT
1 clean
5 handstand pushups
10 wall balls

I worked up to a 185# power clean and just couldn’t get myself to do a squat clean. My right knee has felt funny for a week or so now and doing a front squat doesn’t feel good. I know I can do more than 185 but when I tried 195 it just didn’t work.

I started the WOD at 185# but quickly just pulled off 50# because it just wasn’t happening today. So instead of the prescribed 185 for Rx2 (225 for Rx1) I did 5 x 135#.

The good news is I did a few decent handstand pushups. Just about a month ago I could barely do a handstand. And the wall balls were easy. It took me nearly 30 minutes to do the whole thing. It was brutal and ugly.

I did a few more power cleans with coaching after the WOD to continue to work on form.

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