The burpee mile for charity

A few years ago a good workout, to me, consisted of isolating chest exercises in groups of three sets of 10 for about 45-60 minutes of total gym time. This usually consisted of four or five variations of chest exercises: flat bench, incline bench, dumbbells on a stabilizer ball, incline pushups, fly exercises, etc. I have evolved. No longer do I use any sort of “gym equipment” that you would find in droves at a Bally’s Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness; I am now my own machine. Body weight exercises or total body exercises with added resistance are king. Elevating my heart rate while utilizing added resistance has helped me trim down to a weight I never thought possible.

During this transformation I have also developed some sort of sick love affair with exceptionally brutal workouts. I tend to look forward to the ones I know will make me miserable but leave me with a huge sense of accomplishment when I complete them.

I have done “Murph” at least a few times (1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 run mile), I tackled “Clovis” (run 10 miles and do 150 burpee pullups) one day for the fun of it and now I want do tackle the burpee mile.

I should mention I also have a sick love for the burpee. I own a t-shirt that looks like a Facebook post and it says that “no one likes burpees”, or something to that effect, but really, I love them. Bar facing burpees, box jump burpees, burpee pullups or just plain burpees, whatever the variety I love to mix them into my work out. I have done the CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD at least six or seven times (as many burpees as possible in seven minutes) and also have done 100 burpees pullups for time at least twice. If there is a better total body workout that also exercises the most important muscle in your body – your heart- more effectively, please, let me know.

What better way to celebrate my 36th birthday then to do the burpee mile? That’s right, for my birthday this year I am going to do the burpee mile to “celebrate”.

What is the burpee mile, you might ask? Or maybe you don’t even know what a burpee is, much less a mile of them? Here are a few videos to explain.

This is the first video I saw for burpees on youtube:

The problem with this burpee is that this guy doesn’t get his chest and hips all the way to the ground: a CrossFit no-no. As I try to find a video that shows good technique, but isn’t extremely long, I find this one and this guy really half-asses the burpee:

So, I guess there isn’t avoiding a long video, you don’t need to watch much more than the first 30 seconds of this video (that is 10 minutes long) to see a proper burpee by my standard, thanks to CrossFit. The video is seven minutes of watching two ladies do burpees but you get the idea pretty quickly of how to get to the ground and get back up early on in the video.

Now that you know what a burpee is, how do you do that for a mile? Simple, instead of jumping straight up into the air at the “end” of the burpee you jump as far forward as possible, rinse and repeat. You cannot move forward after your jump, you need to burpee/broad jump for a mile. Without further ado, the burpee broad jump:


So, how can I do this for charity? Simple, I am asking people to donate a small amount per burpee. From what I have read it will take me somewhere between 700-1,000 burpees to make my way around the track four times (400 meters per lap = 1600 meters or 1 mile). If you want to donate one penny per burpee and it takes me 1,000 burpees you will donate $10. Two cents per burpee? $20.

I have no idea how many burpees this will take. My guess is it might take me 175 burpees the first lap when I am fresh and can jump further and then possibly 550 burpees the last lap when my broad jump is much shorter.

All I ask is that you sign up for a donation of some sort and when I am done I will report how many burpees it took (and how long it took me) and ask that you paypal or send me a check for the donation.

All money collected will go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help kids with cancer. 100% of the money collected.

Some of the donors might know me (or probably most of them) but if you don’t and you want to know for sure that 100% of the money I raise will go to St. Jude’s but you might not trust me, sorry, I can’t help. You gotta put faith in me. I would really like to raise money for kids who need help and I can’t think of something better than helping children with cancer.


What’s that you say? You wan to partake in the pain, er, fun with me? Come and join me!! I will be doing this on February 2nd, 2013 at the track at Fox Ridge Middle School at high noon (figure that is my best chance to have at least somewhat warm weather…the time…noon…not February 2nd as it will likely be cold, but what can I do? My birthday happens to fall on a date that is cold. And my birthday is January 30th, not the 2nd, but I can’t do this on a Wednesday with school in session. I’m rambling now. I’ll stop.).

If you want to do the burpee mile, let’s do it! Instead of donating money per burpee you can just donate a flat sum of money and play with me? Maybe just do a 1/4 mile? Come and play with me and help me raise money for a good cause. Afterwards we can grab a beer to help replenish the carbs we lose doing burpees.


To sum up:

  • February 2nd, 2013 at 12:00pm
  • Fox Ridge Elementary School track
  • All money raised will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Donate per burpee (I expect to perform around 1,000 burpees). If you choose to donate $0.05 per burpee and it takes me 1,000 burpees you will be in for $50.00.
  • Want to play? Play with me. Do a 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or the entire mile and donate a flat sum for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Email me at with your pledge amount and contact information. I will post updates frequently for the next month, including a total money raised and results.

7 comments on “The burpee mile for charity

  1. Shelby says:

    Put each of us down for .05 per burpee.

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  4. Becky Johnson-Stewart says:

    I can do .03 per burpee Travis. Good luck!

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