Whole 30, round 2, comes to an end

Oh, Dry Dock, how I have missed thee.

Today is the last day of my second Whole 30. It was much easier the second time around. And I hope it is so easy that I continue to stick pretty darn close to it for the rest of my life.

…That’s a big statement. Who knows what new science or whatever will be released in 10 years? Can we even remember a time without cellphones? And those have only been around for about 15-20 years (available to the majority of the public, not just the super rich with those old brick phones). Think how much technology has advanced in the last 20 years. How much more will we know about our bodies in the next 20?

No matter, I feel great. No reason to go back feeling like I am dragging something around with me in my gut. No reason to go back to awful performance at CrossFit everyday. So, for now and the foreseeable future, I will stick darn close to the Whole 30.

This time was easier for me than the last time. Probably because I ended my first Whole 30 in the middle of November and never got myself re-addicted to soda or anything other bad habit that I had to break this time around. After the holidays I did get a little to used to having a cookie, or two, daily, but that was a pretty easy addiction to kick.

Something wasn’t quite right this Whole 30, and it is probably something I did wrong, but I was hungry almost every day right around 3pm. Maybe I didn’t eat enough for lunch? Not enough fat or protein? I don’t know, but pretty much everyday I had to snack when I got home from work. That and I didn’t sleep well. I woke up two or three times a night. I didn’t stay awake, I would fall right back asleep, but it wasn’t uninterrupted sleep. I tell myself it is because on the nights I wake up I usually wake up thinking about CrossFit. A new addiction? I think so. Continue reading

Shocking! Taco Bell doesn’t like vegetables

Taco Bell pulled a TV advertisement because it misrepresented how the fast food garbage maker feels about vegetables. I don’t eat Fast Food. The last time I visited a drive thru was on our trip around Colorado and under bizarre circumstances with our scheduling, kids sleeping, drive time, etc, I had to eat a McDonald’s chicken sandwich. That was the end of November. I haven’t eaten the slop at Taco Bell in, I’m guessing, six plus years ago. The last time I recall going to Taco Bell was with my dad when we used to work at the same company and he has been retired for at least five or six years.

The most distinct memory of Taco Bell that I have is from High School. I remember I had sixth and eighth period off and used sixth period for lunch. I had to go back to school for one class (I think each period was like 45 minutes with a five minute break to get to the next class) and then was off for the day. If I ate Taco Bell for lunch I had to rush to get home after seventh period because I had to use the bathroom. If you get my drift.

Even when I used to go out and drink and what-not when I was younger I didn’t like Taco Bell after a night out. It just never sat well with me.

Now that I am eating much, much healthier I avoid any sort of restaurant that doesn’t require me to get off my ass to go inside and order. If you can get your food while not moving your bottom you seriously need to rethink what it is you are eating.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Taco Bell doesn’t like veggies. Look at what’s in their avocado dressing: Continue reading

CrossFit Level 1 class review

This past weekend I attended the CrossFit Level 1 class in Golden at the State Patrol building and it was pretty awesome.

The seminar staff that presided over the class was two guys who trained directly under Coach Glassman (Zac and Hollis from Santa Cruz), Cherie and Matt Chan (the 2nd Fittest Man in the World), Sarah (former USA Oly lifting member) and Pat Barber who, along with Tony Budding, spawned all the CrossFit media (videos) we see today. It was a pretty well accomplished group of individuals. This was awesome because there was no doubt that these folks knew their sh*t.

The class (me in front with the "I <3 Beer" shirt)

The class (me in front with the “I

The seminar I attended was at the Colorado State Patrol office/campus or whatever in Golden. I am pretty sure I lucked out because there was a lecture hall of sorts that we used where as most of these seminars are held in CrossFit gyms and I don’t recall ever seeing a CrossFit gym with anything resembling a classroom. We weren’t stuck on fold out chairs, clipboards and using our knees as desks for 45-60 minutes at a time during the lectures. Our backs surely thank us for choosing this venue as opposed to the others. Continue reading

WOD – 01.28.2013

Nice and long

Nice and long

Nice welt

Nice welt

What is more CrossFit: ripped blisters from pullups or shin scrapes from box jumps? I don’t know. I hate both. I think I hate torn hands more because of the shower factor. Sure, scraped shins hurt in the shower but NOTHING like a good hand tear. Those hurt.

Today I got my shin pretty darn good. We were doing 30 inch box jumps as part of the WOD and I got too quick with my rebounds and nailed myself. But you should see that box! I think I won…

I even had high socks on and they didn’t help at all, except they caught the skin so it didn’t end up on the floor…I included a few pictures and made them thumbnails so I don’t totally gross out anyone. Click of you want a larger view. And this is after ice, peroxide, a shower and about 2 hours after it happened. The good thing about shin scrapes is that they don’t impact the rest of the day. Blisters can bother you throughout the day but shin scrapes are OK after that first shower.

If this hasn’t happened to you either, 1. you haven’t been CrossFitting long enough, 2. you aren’t challenging yourself with a high enough box, or 3. you aren’t moving fast enough. If you are working your ass off and challenging yourself this is bound to happen. It is a right of passage. It is failure and it is weakness leaving the body. Embrace it when it happens. Ladies, if you really love CrossFit, say goodbye to those smooth perfect legs. You will be more proud of these anyway.

Today’s WOD was

Samson stretch, OHS w PVC, pushups, pullups and good mornings x2

Handstands and handstand walks. I took two “steps” today handstand walking. That’s right, new PR!

10-1 of:
Box jump

5×5 push jerk
6 EMOTM of 1 clean and 5 push jerk

Results Continue reading