Shocking! Taco Bell doesn’t like vegetables

Taco Bell pulled a TV advertisement because it misrepresented how the fast food garbage maker feels about vegetables. I don’t eat Fast Food. The last time I visited a drive thru was on our trip around Colorado and under bizarre circumstances with our scheduling, kids sleeping, drive time, etc, I had to eat a McDonald’sContinue reading “Shocking! Taco Bell doesn’t like vegetables”

CrossFit Level 1 class review

This past weekend I attended the CrossFit Level 1 class in Golden at the State Patrol building and it was pretty awesome. The seminar staff that presided over the class was two guys who trained directly under Coach Glassman (Zac and Hollis from Santa Cruz), Cherie and Matt Chan (the 2nd Fittest Man in theContinue reading “CrossFit Level 1 class review”

WOD – 01.28.2013

What is more CrossFit: ripped blisters from pullups or shin scrapes from box jumps? I don’t know. I hate both. I think I hate torn hands more because of the shower factor. Sure, scraped shins hurt in the shower but NOTHING like a good hand tear. Those hurt. Today I got my shin pretty darnContinue reading “WOD – 01.28.2013”