Whole 30 – round 2

Today starts the largest Whole 30 ever. There are numerous blog sites, CrossFit boxes and regular folks who want to get healthy(er) participating. 30 days of real food, no junk. No beer, no diet soda, no sugar, nothing.

I have to admit that I have fallen off of the wagon a bit. I was doing really well pretty much through Thanksgiving and, probably, about a week to a week and a half before Christmas I really started to let my guard down. Too many Christmas cookies. I avoided bread for the most part as I only have had any bread of any sort just this past weekend when my wife and I went to a nice steakhouse and they serve bread before dinner. I avoided soda for the most part over the past few weeks, too. I have had four or five soda’s since October 14th (I did my first Whole 30 starting October 15th). Prior to my first Whole 30 I might have four or five soda’s in one day, no joke. To only have four or five over the past three and a half months is pretty good for me.

I think I am more prepared than I was the last time but I think I will have a bit of a shock to the system when I cut out the sugar. Those damn Christmas cookies!

I have gained just over four pounds since November 15th when my first Whole 30 ended and about five pounds from my lowest known weight. I hope to lose those four to five pounds this month.

I will do a food log this Whole 30; something I can publish in the future to maybe help others eat better.

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