WOD – 01.02.2013

I. Am. Sore. I usually don’t get sore during the week. Maybe that is a bad thing? I feel like I push myself pretty darn hard and if the intensity of a workout is measured by how soaked your t-shirt is then I certainly kick my own ass. But I rarely feel sore. I am tired and sore today. I can only figure that my 2-a-day on Monday set my body up for being sore. Doing “Barbara” yesterday certainly helped. Thanks to the 2 minute rest between rounds I was able to go pretty hard each round.

I almost took a rest day today but I sucked it up and went to the gym.

10 good mornings
10 slam balls
10 squats
10 wall balls

WOD – this was a long one…and a bit confusing. I think CrossFit Crush tends to have WOD’s like this.
Tabata frog jumps (basically broad jumps but your hands have to touch the ground when you land)
Then set up a bar for the next portion – about 2-3 min rest
3 min max effort bar hopovers
Rest 1 min
8 min AMRAP of:
10 thrusters
20 power cleans
34 pushups
Rest 1 min
3 min max effort bar hopovers

I set my tabata mark at 12 during the first 20 second interval and hit that same number each round.

My first set of hopovers (jumping, laterally, over a bar set up for the thrusters/cleans) I did 61. It is a gasser which doesn’t help wit the AMRAP, but that is the design, I suppose.

The AMRAP I just sucked. I think it was partially my body telling me to “give” and partially already being gassed from the hopovers. I only completed one round and 8 thrusters into the 2nd round. I know I can do better than that. I used the prescribed 135# for the thrusters and power cleans.

Finally, the second set of hopovers I was able to complete 60.5! Damn! I wanted to get 61 again and time ran out just as I jumped to the right of the bar. You score a “round” by jumping over the bar twice. I started on the left side of the bar so jumping to the right and back to the left is 1 round. The bell rang just as my feet hit the right side of the bar and I couldn’t get back to the left to complete that 61st hop.

Tomorrow might be a rest day. Depends on how I feel as the day wears on.

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