WOD – 01.03.2013

Same as yesterday
10 good mornings
10 ball slams
10 squats
10 wall balls
I also did some hip swings and kip swings to help loosen up my joints

7 RFT of:
15 KB swings 55/35
15 OHS 95/65
15 box jumps

I want those muscle ups so I did 3 rounds of ring rows and dips on the rings

The coach today said there would be a 30 minute cutoff so I was determined to get the WOD completed in less than 30 minutes, and I did. I finished in 27:36. I really need to work on the rebound for box jumps, I have a feeling I could save a lot of energy and time if I could master that skill. I did all the KB swings unbroken and almost every round of 15 OHS was broken into a set of 9-10 and then 6-5. Box jumps were rough.

I looked up the WOD on CrossFit.com and Jason Khalipa did this WOD in just under 12 minutes and Chris Spealler finished in just over 12 minutes. Get ready to be shocked: those two are much more fit than I am. I know. Shocking.


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