WOD – 01.07.2013

There is a “Fran” outbreak around CrossFit. The main site’s WOD on Friday (or Thursday, towards the end of last week) was “Fran”. The notorious CrossFit workout that many experienced CrossFitters love…and HATE!

Fran is 21 reps of a 95# thruster, 21 pullups, 15 thrusters, 15 pullups and then 9 of each. It might sound benign but it isn’t.

After the CrossFit main site posted the workout there was a breakout of videos posted to Twitter of individuals doing Fran. The best I have seen was Matt Hathcock from CrossFit Unbroken here in Denver complete the workout in 2:01. The last time I did it was in early September and it took me 9:33. I am looking to do it in less than 8 minutes because it appears CrossFit Crush is on the bandwagon as it is the posted WOD for tomorrow morning (I am getting ahead of things for tomorrow by writing this on Sunday evening).

Breaking 10 minutes is sort of a newbie goal for CrossFit and if you can get under 5 minutes you are pretty elite. Those who do it in 2 minutes and change are the sorts of folks who compete nationally in CrossFit.

FIVE FIFTY-TWO!! I smoked my goal of 8 minutes by completing Fran in 5:52. I did the first 21 thrusters unbroken and 10 of the first pullups unbroken. Unfortunately I sort of spent my wad on that as I had to break up my 15 thrusters into sets of 6, 6 and 3. Still, PR’d Fran by 3:41!!

Afterwards I still had enough gas so I did a 5×5 of push press with the following results: 5@135#, 5@165#, 3F@185#, 5@165# and 5@165#.

It was a good day!

2 comments on “WOD – 01.07.2013

  1. […] out tomorrow and then having a rest day on Friday so I am ready for the weekend. Having just set a PR in Fran on the 7th of this month I am wondering if I can do even better this weekend. I think I can because the […]

  2. […] On January 7th I did it in 5:52. Today I did it in front of 2 guys who trained under Greg Glassman in Santa Cruz and the 2nd fittest man in the world. And I folded like a cheap card table chair. […]

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