The most important day of a Whole 30

The second time doing a Whole 30 has been a quite a bit easier than the first time. The first time I had serious cravings and really struggled to be prepared for work meals. It took me 30 days to learn how to prepare for the week and be ready for work.

I guess also eating fairly strict Paleo between my first Whole 30 (October 15th – November 19th) has made this easier. I did eat a bunch of junk over the two week period around Christmas but avoided most non-Paleo foods most everyday since my first Whole 30 ended. I didn’t eat any bread or white potatoes at Thanksgiving and have completely cut cereal out of my diet. I haven’t had ANY cereal since October 14th which is saying something for myself. I used to say I could eat cereal daily, three times a day, prior to my Whole 30 and since I cut it out I never reintroduced it.

Along with cereal I essentially cut out diet soda. Prior to my first Whole I would drink soda from dawn til dusk. I probably averaged 40-50 ounces of diet soda a day, specifically diet Mountain Dew. I suffered through diet Dew withdrawal during the first four or five days of my first Whole 30. I even thought I might drink it again after my Whole 30 as late as about day 21 or 22 in the Whole 30. But I resisted. I didn’t have any soda for quite a while after my Whole 30 ended and in the month and a half between Whole 30’s I had four diet soda’s. I don’t miss it. And the more and more I read about it the less likely it is I have again. I mean, sure, I might have one here or there, maybe once a month, but nothing like I used to have.

While the first few days of a Whole 30 are important I think Sunday is the most important day of a Whole 30.

Those first few days of a Whole 30 you need to fight off all of those cravings but once you get past those first five or six days the cravings should subside. It can get hairy if you don’t prepare, however.

For someone like myself who works out early in the morning prior to work I have to have two meals ready each day for work. I need meal 1 (breakfast) and meal 2 (lunch) ready to rock and roll and in a lunch bag before I go to bed on week nights. Sunday is the day I cook to ensure I have the right food ready for the week.

Play around with different things to get variety but I tend to have a few standby foods I know I can make easily and then store in the fridge for the week and pack easily for lunch.

First thing anyone should do who is on a Whole 30 is boil eggs. They are so easy to make, pack for work, great for after the gym and, to me, freaking tasty. I can’t get enough hard boiled eggs with some salt. I boil a dozen weekly and take four to five eggs with me everyday for my first meal. I will mix it up with other foods during the week but most days I have hard boiled eggs (check my week 1 food log here).

This week, the first Sunday of my Whole 30, I made the basics: chicken and burgers.

We went in on a grass fed/finished cow a month ago or so with a few people from CrossFit South Aurora. We bought our cow from Colorado Sustainable Farms and I highly recommend them. I asked for a lot of ground beef and hamburger patties on my order sheet which is great for prepping meals for the week.

As for chicken breast we buy ours from Sprouts and get the big daddy breast. I can’t help myself, I like big breasts. Usually they come three to a package so when I cook them I can cut them in half and still take four or five ounces of chicken breast to work.

Below are some of the pictures of the food I made this Sunday (along with cutting up some vegetables for salads and sides and whatnot for the week).

If you are planning on doing a Whole 30 or just started, expect the first few days to be rough and PLAN AHEAD! Never go into a day not knowing what you are going to eat; that is setting yourself up for failure.


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