WOD – 01.08.2013

I woke up this morning at about 3:30 and had one of those conversations with myself: do I go back to sleep for the next hour and risk having my alarm go off at 4:30 and wake me from a deep sleep and I am tired all day or stay away? I decided to go back to sleep and instead of going to the 5am CrossFit class I would go to the 6am and I changed my alarm from 4:30am to 5:30 am.

I woke up again at 4:29. Ugh.

I felt a bit groggy going to the gym but once I got there and got the ol’ blood moving I woke right up.

Med ball tosses, different variations, with a partner
Squat shuffles back and forth across the box

3 minutes of max box jumps
5 RFT of
20 pistols

Overhead squats with kettle bells or dumbbells, single handed and 2 handed
Deficit pushups

Cool down
1000m row

The box jumped prescribed height was 30 inches and I didn’t move too fast and could have pushed harder but those 100 pistols were looming in my brain. I got in 37 box jumps in the 3 minutes.

This was one of my first WODs doing nearly a full ROM on the HSPU. The first 4 sets I used an abmat and touched my head to it each rep and the final round of 10 I took away the abmat (like I said, blood started flowing) but I couldn’t quite get my head all the way to the ground. Getting there! About a month ago I couldn’t even do a HSPU and today I did 50 of them!

The pistols are a work in progress. I did them today without holding onto anything, no box to it on, nothing. Just tried to get RX pistols…didn’t happen. I was able to squat down partially but out of the 100 pistols I am guessing 10-15 of them were quality, the other 85-90 would have been “no repped” in competition. I worked hard on ensuring my knee didn’t travel in front of my toes.

As for the extra I saw the overhead squat with KBs or dumbbells on mobilityWOD.com the other day and wanted to try them. OOF! They are tough. I was only using 15# dumbbells when I went 2 handed with the OHS and it was rough to keep good squat form and really tough on the shoulders. I used a 25# KB when I went 1 handed and it was hard not to lean to one side when doing 1 handed. I will definitely keep trying these and try to get better. Each round of 2 handed I only was able to do 3-5 reps and the 1 handed I did 5-7 each hand. I did each 3 times.

For the deficit pushups I used 45# plates and did 3 sets of 20.


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